Mar 27, 2014

hand-kneaded Udon (Japanese wheat noodle)

Miyu likes using hands like me and makes something everyday.
We sometimes cook Udon and she has learned how to cook it already.

At first she kneaded the flour well by hand.
 Then she rolled out the dough using a roll pin.
 She cut it by herself and at last I put them in the soup.

This time she cooked the noodle almost all by herself.
I cooked only the soup.

Usually she doesn't eat so much but she asked a refill (* v *)!!!!

I'm sewing very much these days because in April she starts kindergarten.
I sewed her bags, smocks and clothes.
She likes this camisole top and pants. Her friend wore the same ones.

Now she doesn't want to start kindergarten because she is afraid of it and wants to stay home with me more.
So I'm making items for her to cheer her up with my hand sewing items.
I hope she gets used to her kindergarten soon...

 See you soon!!!


Sandi said...

Oh my gosh. She is so grown up! Blessings on you--

Hélène said...

Hello from France !

I like very much to hear again from you !

Your girl is really beautiful, I hope everything will get well at the kindergarden.

KC Pagano said...

I can't believe she is 5 already! How fast time flies.

Caiden said...
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amy said...

Miyu is more adorable every time I see her! Tell her not to worry, she is so clever already that I'm sure she will love school. ^^

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!
She is 3 years old now (* v *)!!!!
She goes to the kindergarten for three years.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mai
So happy to hear about Miyu's progress.
Well done to both mum and daughter ... and daddy too.

I wish her well in kindergarten.

take care
Mena from Malaysia

Wendy said...

It has been such a long time since I've visited your blog. I can see I have missed so much! Your little one has grown a lot since my last time visiting your blog. I wish her lots of fun in kindergarten. Also, her little backpack is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'm always checking back for new posts from you, so happy to see one now!

Your little girl is beautiful, her clothes are lovely. Her bag is very cute too. Can we see more things that you have made for her please? I love to see all your sewing very much. It's lovely and I admire it a lot.

YunieQueen said...

Happy to see your sewing. Always inspiring to my own sewing for my daughter!

joy jenny said...

lovely kid with cute activity youcandoit

GrannyTo8Boys said...

Hi. Do you use lining in the Furoshiki?

Mo M said...

Your daughter is beautiful! You have a lovely blogging style. I bought some lovely handmade items from you a long time ago and I hope you post more often.

Mo M said...

Sorry but trouble commenting on your post. Hope you post more often. I used to love reading your Blog and bought some lovely things from you.

Your daughter is beautiful.


Poornimma Rajeev said...

Miyu,your hair looks good and you are more adorable.being 5 yrs,cooking great unbelievable

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Nilgün Komar said...

my god!
how they are sugar fingers

Sheikh Raeikhwan said...

Hello, welcome back! :)

long time not hear anything from you,
but looking your daughter progress, I felt so old.

I wish with my full heart, hope Miyu, you and your family are good health.
Wish the best for your family ;)

Looking forward to here more from your side.
Please update about Miyu too, I would love to see her growing.

Send my regards to Miyu, she is kawaii~ ^_^

Catatan si Kamoy said...

I found your blog sometime last year. Saw that you haven't post anything since your last post. Hope you are OK. Love your blog...

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