Jul 8, 2017


Rosettes are  very popular in Japan now,  mostly for wedding items, also as brooches or bag charms.

A couple of months ago, I began to give lessons of rosette making with my friends.

It's very fun and I enjoy making them every day. Now I like making ones with denim ribbons.

We'll give lessons for girls two weeks later. Miyu also enjoyed making  one as a sample.                                                              
Rosettes of this picture are what Miyu and her friends made as samples.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mai, I'm the anonymous person sending my messages. I'm Philomena from Malaysia. Just call me Philo.

I love your hand sewing and I do this too.
Miyu is talented like you. Good for both of you.
I love your new creations, the rosettes. I'll try my hand at one soon

warm regards

Anonymous said...

I love your hand sewing. it is so pretty. How interesting to hear about what things are popular in Japan right now. Love your blog and seeing the lovely things. Thanks for sharing.


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Heather said...

It is so nice to be reading your blog again. I am in Australia and have been following you for many years. Congratulations on your 2nd baby

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