Mar 31, 2008

Aqualium in Chiba

Last weekend, I went to an aqualium in Chiba.
It is a part of a large park, "Kasai Rinkai Park".
The park is by the sea. The sight from there was very nice. We could see the buildings of Tokyo.

The aqualium is under this glass dorm.

There are many big tunas, in the big tank.

This blowfish's mouse is always open. It seems to think something.

I like the turtle. It looks dancing in the water.

This squid has very cute face.

I enjoyed the aqualium and our date very much.
But it was a little bit bad day for me.
At first, it was a sunny day. I have an allergy to pollens, so I can't stay outdoor for long time in sunny days in the spring.
Secondly, it was very cold. We brought lunch box to eat outside, but we had to eat in hurry.

I like sunny spring days. I hate my allergy. ( I have another allergy to cats. I like cats very much but I cannot stay with them for long time...)

After the aqualium, we went to Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms.


cfp said...

Thank you for taking us to the aqualium with you. Ive never seen anything like this. I loved this blog entry. Very beautiful! I loved your comments on the different fish. Very fun mai! Oh the cherry blossoms were magnificent! What a fun time even though it's so cold!And you know what we have allergies also, really bad!....Laura and Jon

annie said...

Hello Mai,
you took beautiful pictures of the fish. I especially like the dancing turtles! Will they appear in one of your designs?

mairuru said...

Thank you for your comments!
I like the aqualium very mych.
I want to sew something about these animals!

Anonymous said...

I love the turtles. Sorry to hear about your alergy to cats. Better say away and admire them from afar.
When you sew or embroidery them, it's best I think ...haha.
I love the Cherry blossom photo.
Lovely place this aqualium

Me said...

I love the japanese cherry blossoms!