Aug 2, 2008

I closed some holes.

In our room, there are some holes.
One big hole is in a sheet. I put a piece of gauze on it.

During our trip to California, my boyfriend's socks have holes.
Some of them, we sewed together in a hotel in San Francisco. It's because he didn't have many ones in the trip and he didn't want to buy new ones.
Today I realized some other socks have holes too, so I put a part of my old camisole on it.

I'm wearing his old shirts that had some holes. I cut the part and remade to fit me.

After we closed holes, they seems more important for us.

I made a small hat for my little niece too.
I'll go to see her maybe next week or later. I hope she likes it.


Unknown said...

When you patch up a hole you really invest in the object and it does feel more special to you doesn't it? My children really value the things I make for them and that really warms my heart. This post is so lovely today! I adore the little hat you have made! You always have a clever idea and the loveliest of handmade things to share. Happy sewing to you!

mairuru said...

Hi Emily,
Yes, they get more special for me. Also, I like my boyfriend's clothing, so I like to remake them for me.
Now I'm having a lot of our old clothes, so I'll make for my future child.
Im going to make some hats like it for my shop.

Unknown said...

I would love to see some of your boyfriend's clothes remade into your clothes!! You say you are saving old clothes for future child. Does that mean there is one on the way or later in the future, sometime?
Happy weekend!

mairuru said...

Oh, I have no plan, but we want.
I'll put some pictures of my remade clothes.
Thank you!

Suschna said...

Thank you very much for writing about how special closed holes are, I like that idea and have the same feeling. A lot of your post interest me. I found your blog searching "cat pouch", your cat pouch is great, too!

mairuru said...

Thank you Suschna!
I cannot read your blog,,, but I like your works, especially your paintings!

Surya said...

You are really talented.

Anonymous said...

You're a practical person, Mai. I like you. Yes, I too have patched torn clothing for myself, my hubby and children. Your niece will love you for that lovely hat

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