Sep 21, 2008

Recipe of the Udon with Sesame Miso cold soup

I'm trying to explain how I make the soup for the cold udon.

a half of cucumber, 3 spoons of sesame, 10 shiso(Japanese basil), 2 spoons of miso

1)Make 500 ml of miso soup with miso and Japanese soup.(I made with dried bonito fish). Then cool it down.
1)Slice cucumber and put some salt and mix them. Then, leave them for more than 5 minutes.

2)Grind sesame seeds.

3)Chop shiso(Japanese basil).

4)Put cucumber, sesame, shiso, and the miso soup in a bowl.

5)Put the bowl in the fridge. That's all!

Then, boil the water, put some udon and cook it. Then, take udon from the hot water and cool it down with a lot of cold water.


dorre said...

thank you so much. i realize i posted as 'anonymous'. and i didn't mean to do that. i am going to try this. it looks so delicious. and we have a week of hot weather coming up here in southern california... so this will help to cool us down quite a bit i think. i planted shiso this summer. actually i planted it twice this summer. the slugs got it the first time, and the chickens got it the second. so... i may have to use real basil (too far from the japanese market). thanks again!!

mairuru said...

Ciao Dorre,
When I planted real basil, I found a bug ate them all!
Please put real basil a little, because the taste is more strong than Shiso.
Thank you! I love California!

Anonymous said...

My daughter will love this. Must try it one day. Thanks Mai. You're making me a better cook ...hahaha

marko said...

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