Jul 8, 2010

For sweat on the back

Japanese red basil drink
Today I went to the doctor. Now I'm on 33th week and we're doing very well.

I made these pads for the back for Tomato(my baby).
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

I don't know how to call it in English... It's famous in Japan and I made them with a pattern of a crafter's blog.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

You can download the pattern from this link.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

I made it with cotton double gauze(double layer) and a little piece of cotton for the collar.
I'll put it in the back of the baby leaving the collar outside. And after the baby sweat a lot, I can remove it just pulling the collar.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

And I sewed some new bibs for her too.
Baby bibs
I have only a small piece of cotton waffle fabric so I should have put other cotton.
Baby bibs

Last weekend I went to Tokyo to see my friends of high school.
They gave me a set of this glass as a wedding gift. The red drink inside is what I made with Japanese red basil. It's very good for me because it has much Calcium, Kalium, Vitamin etc...

It's getting hotter and hotter these days, but I move well and sew more items for my baby (* v *)!!!!
See you!


Amy said...

Glad to hear that you are doing so well, Mai.

rekutopia said...




CraftyCripple said...

I love how the internet gives you glimpse into how other countries do things. In this country (UK)we wouldn't think of making pads to absorb the sweat from a baby's back, because usually we have very mild and short Summers. This year though, I can imagine lots of British mother's wanting to adopt this Japanese custom as we are having one of our hottest Summer's in years.

I love all your craft projects and seeing all your preparations for your "tomato". Thank you for sharing with us.

Victoria said...

I really envi your hand work :P ¡¡¡
That´s back pad it´s a really good idea.We don´t have something similar here in spain.
Be healthy¡¡¡

Karin van D. said...

Never heard of those pads, we don't have them here in Holland. But they look very practical and ofcourse, as always, I love the fabrics you used.

Good to hear that you and your little tomato are doing well.

primanon said...

I found your website by searching 'crafts' on google. I have read almost your blogs for many days they all inspired me to do things. I'm very happy when read your blog and see all of your creation. Very proud of you as asian girl (I'm Thai).
Thank you so much for sharing all great idea here you are so generous. Wishing you and your "Tomato" going well.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [08 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

pratima said...

So nice to hear that you are doing great and enjoying making soft sweet things...the pads are a lovely idea. I didn't know about them before. Beautiful present from your friends :)

Raquel from Florida said...

Those back pads are fantastic. We don't have them in Venezuela nor in Argentina. Nice fabric choice.
Good to hear you and Tomato are dong great!

helena said...

Glad to know you're fine!!!

Gail said...

That's awesome. I never thought about the baby's back sweating. I always thought of the baby's vomit on my back. Lol. Here in Georgia, most people just dress the babies in light clothes to keep them cool like a simple tee shirt and diaper/romper.
However the cloth for the babies' back is a fine idea.

WhimsyLoft.com said...

Hello Mai,
I see that Japanese share a lot of similarity in tradition as the Chinese. I am very familiar with the "sweat absorbant cape" you just made.. i had those myself as a child haha... in fact all the babies up to 3-4 years old wear them, and Malaysia being such a warm country. It's like a traditional thing our parents pass down to us.

Papgena Made It said...

I'm so glad that you are doing so well!
I'm very curious about your back pads. In Portugal we don't have that. It's ingenious, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Good to know you're doing well and very actively sewing for baby too.
Very good idea about the cloth for the baby's back.
:) Mena

julie said...

I am so happy you are feeling so well. I am sorry you are getting such hot weather. Those sweat pads for tomato are lovely. The pants you made for tomato and your nephew are so cute. You must show us your new dresses and of course your husbands underwear.

hida.takayama said...

Hi Mai,
Really sweet how you make all these things for your baby.

CriCri said...

Ciao Mai,
I'm an italian girl..
I have seen your blog and I love it very much!
Your hand works are so cute and particular!
I'm happy for your "Tomato" this name is so funny!
I wish you same happiness


Anonymous said...

Those back pads are a great idea! Thank you for the link. Glad to hear that you and tomato are doing so well.


Anonymous said...

You can't wait for little Tomato to come, and neither can I! Make sure to post many pictures when the baby is born! :)

Cathy said...

Mai, I adore your blog. I love to look at all the things you make. You have inspired me to hand sew! Congratulations on your 'tomato' and thank you for such a wonderful blog!

giveto said...

your baby are a very lucky baby !!

Laura said...

I want to send you many greeting from Italy!! I made some Sarubobos, you can see the pictures in my blog!! Thank for your tutorials!!

kat said...

Hi Mai ~~
I love reading your blog! You are very inspiring..with all the things you make by hand and for your little Tomato. Will you be making a baby futon too? I just did one for my boss' first grand daughter. Took awhile but I think the baby will like it. hahaha

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