Mar 21, 2012

How to make a flower scrunchy, non-sew project

Miyu, with her scrunchy
Hello! Today we went to a small playing space for kids. It has lots of toys and Miyu enjoyed them very much.
She wears her new scrunchy. It's with fleece fabric and good for folding her hair.
How to make a non-sew scrunchy 5

I found an easy way to make non-sew scrunchies with felt from a Japanese book. Fleece or thick wool fabrics are also good. You need only fabrics, a piece of elastic, scissors and a hair pin.
How to make a non-sew scrunchy 1
At first, cut fabrics in approx. 2 inches square or circle pieces. The way from the book was in circle. It's a little hard for me so I cut fabrics in square pieces.
Please make approx. 20 pieces for one scrunchy. You can mix colors.

How to make a non-sew scrunchy 2
How to make a non-sew scrunchy 3
Then fold it in bias and cut two parts like the picture, so you make two holes in one piece.

How to make a non-sew scrunchy 4
Prepare a piece of 8 inches elastic and lace it with a hair pin (or bodkin) thorough the two holes.

Knot the elastic. That's all! If you cut fabrics in squares, it takes only 30 minutes or so.
Non-sew scrunchies
Miyu calls them "Flower". So I named them "flower scrunchies".
The center one is with wool and felt fabrics. The back ones are with fleece. The Miyu's one(The smallest one) is with circle pieces.

Please make beautiful scrunchies!
See you !!!!
Miyu with her best friend


Alhana said...

These scrunchies are very cute. I will give them a try. Thanks for sharing! (^v^)

Sparkle and Co said...

Thank you for sharing! I'll do it with my son ;)

Riality Studios said...

So cute! I'm going to make some of those for myself! Thanks for sharing the instructions.

Nilgün Komar said...

:) have a beautiful flower
Miyu and I kiss you so much ..

Amy said...

Wow! That's so simple but so cute! I'm gonna make a few for my niece for her birthday, thanks Mai!

P.S. Miyu is looking more scrumptious than ever, you are so lucky Mai!

Cagebone said...

It's very cute and I love it.
It looks like flower!
As you know,I'm poor at sawing...
But if I try your way of doing,
I don't have to use needle and thread!
I think I can make it(←really?)

*(↑)If there are some mistakes in English,I'd like to apologize...

Ali said...

Mai this scrunchie is adorable, as is Miyu! My little Phoebe is 15 months old and I am definitely going to make one for her!
SO happy to see you blogging a bit more again, I missed you! Yours is definitely one of my very favourite blogs!

ny fandi aji said...

i love your idea.
how to be your follower?

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I can use these myself. Thanks for the tutorial!

Annie said...

Konnichiwa Mairuru and Mayu-chan ! I discover your Blog today ! Very attractive ! BRAVO ! Your girl is adorable and you, you are a formidable mom' ! Thank you for everything... Il like making "sarubobo" :-)
Annie of Compiègne-France

Rachel said...

Those came out so cute! I love projects you can do with the little ones. Thanks for posting this, I'll be linking.

marj said...

that is so cute!!! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and happy to see Miyu is very well. You sew for her lovely things

Rebeca Bondioli said...

my mother found your blog and shared with me. You're really talented and your daughter is the cutest thing ever!
Good job! :)

Núr said...

Dear Mai,

Just wanted to share with you this baby mobile I recently finished and which was inspired by your sweet sarubobos. I wanted to do something with your sarubobos for a long time, but now I'm expecting a baby girl (I'm due this Thursday, the 19th!!) and decided it would be great to do a mobile for her crib with these little men. I love them so much! I have posted a picture in my blog, if you want to see how inspiring your work is!

Best wishes for you and your family! :)

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