Nov 14, 2013

How to make a Yo-Yo bracelet

I like knit fabric sewing lately.

So I made some Yo-Yos using my favorite knit fabrics.

It's very easy to sew and needs little piece of fabrics. I'd like to show you how I made it.

First I cut 3-inch diameter circles. I need 4 Yo-Yos for a bracelet.

Then I made Yo-Yos with them and put my favorite buttons on them.

I made a patchwork cord on which I put Yo-Yos.

And I put a button on the end of the cord and made a loop on the other end.

That's all!
The gray fabric is sweat and the other one is Jacquard knit.
I also made my neck warmer, my husband's and Miyu's with the sweat fabric(* v *).
They make us very warm in this cold house.

Have a good day!!!!


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