Feb 8, 2018

Origami camellia flowers

I like Origami. And I like sewing.
So sometimes I fold fabric in a way of Origami.
Here they are.
 They are camellia flowers.
Here you can see the instruction of the flower.
Origami instructions.com camellia

I just folded it wih my favorite fabrics, and at the last, I sewed the last edges hiddenly.
So they won't be unfolded.
With the ones of LIBERTY tana loan, I made brooches.

And I made hair clips for little with other flowers.
I'll be happy if you like the idea!
See you. 


El said...

So pretty! The folding makes them very unique.

I like the fabric of the flower clips. It is snowing where I live, it made me happy to see all the colors :) does Miyu like wearing hair clips too?

mairuru said...

She likes the red one. The fabrics are of Japanese online shop NESSHOME. I love them!

Dewi Aja said...
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