Oct 6, 2008

WAGASHI -Japanese confectionary-

Recently accessories of sweets are very popular in Japan. But most of them are western confectionary like cakes, macaroons, pies etc...
I like them but I also like Japanese confectionaries very much. So I made some plushes of Japanese confectionaries.

These confectionaries are not only delicious, but also very cute.
Among them, I like the cherry cake very much. It's with a salty cherry leaf and it has a very good smell of cherry.

Then, I made some Kompeito. It's sugar candy and originally from Portugal.
I like the shapes very much, but it's difficult to make.
I tried some ideas and made up them.

It's my pleasure to make my favorite foods.
I want to make some vegetables, next time.


Donna said...

Hello! I am happy to have found your blog. Your fabric sweets look lovely. The kompeito must have been difficult to get that shape but it looks just right to me--only once I've eaten kompeito but I have seen pictures of it.

mairuru said...

Hi Donna,
Thank you for your comment.
I'm continuing to make more sweets. It's very fun!

dorre said...

sooo cute. thank you for sharing these. they are making me hungry!! i love the little rabbit. the fabric was a perfect choice.

mairuru said...

Thank you Dorre,
I'm happy you like them.
I like real Wagashi very much!

danni_meringue said...

i love kompeito and have been trying to find where i can buy it in england but that also seems like they are sold no where! I used to eat kompeito when we had some japanese girls in our class at school, they also used to have a kind of jelly in a tiny pot..... i loved them aswell!

well done these look fantastic, they would look brilliant in a jar full of them.


Surya said...

looks sweeeet. Do post recipes. I love to try different foods.

mairuru said...

Hello Surya,
Which recipe you want? I love these confectionaries, but its difficult to cook them... I've tried only the sakura mochi.

Surya said...

Actually I'm not familiar with Japanese food. Anything less comlicated will do.

XUE said...

Kawaii! Kawaii! Kawaii !

Anonymous said...

They look good enough to eat ;>)

generic Ambien said...

Great work Jesy! Just fantastic