Oct 18, 2008

Yokohama Jazz festival

Every October, there is a big event of Jazz in Yokohama, "Yokohama Jazz Promenade".
This year, it's the first time for me and my boyfriend to go to the festival. Because we missed the schedule every year, so we haven't seen it yet.

It is held in two days, and there are a lot of venues where we can see Jazz performances. If we had paid for a ticket to see the performances in some halls or some Jazz bars, we could see some of them. Because we didn't buy any tickets, so we could see only performances on street.
But there are a lot of places of free performances, so we enjoyed them in two days. The bands on free performances are all amateurs, but some of their performances were very good.
In the first day, we went to a park in the middle of business buildings.

The event began at noon, and when it ended, the sun has already set.
There were fewer audiences than the afternoon, so we couldn't leave there...
Even kids and dogs were enjoyed the performances.

The second day, we went to another place, on the big street near the port. There are lots of ginkgo tree around there, so when the wind blew, it smelled...

At last, we went to a subway station to see the last performance. I enjoyed this performance the best, because it sounded like rock.

In California, I could see many street performers every day. But in Japan, I can see very few of them, only in some particular places. So I like this kind of events very much.

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Anonymous said...

First time I'm seeing the ginkgo tree. We have Jazz festival in my country too (Malaysia). Good to know you and your boyfriend appreciate music. I do too.