Oct 23, 2009

How to make a leather bottom pincushion

Hello. Today I write here how I made this pincushion. You don't need special tool for leather, so please try it. Leather makes your items more gorgeous!
For this, I used the leather of 1mm(0.04inches) thick. If it's too thick, it would be more difficult.
Leather bottom pincushion

At first, make two patterns, one for leather piece and the other for fabric.
The fabric one is easy. Draw a circle of 10cm(4 inches) diameter. It includes the allowances.
!!!!! I'm sorry. My first pattern was wrong of the placement of holes. I corrected the pattern. Thank you very much MartiVG !!!!!
Leather bottom pincushion pattern
The pattern for leather is this. You'd better to make it with thick paper.
Draw a 6cm(2.5 inches square), and then draw three lines in every 5mm(0.2 inches), from each edge(like the picture).

And make holes at the orange dot points (four points on each corner) with a stiletto or thick needle.

Then, cut leather using the pattern. At first, cut 6cm square. To cut, I used a rotary cutter. You can cut it with cutter knife, or scissors also.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 1

Then, cut the four corners as the pattern with scissors.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 2

Put the pattern on the leather piece, and mark as the points what you made.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 3

Take the leather piece, and hole the marked point with stiletto or thick needle.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 4

Sew the leather. I used Sashiko thread on the needle. The thread should be strong.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 5

Make a knot at the end of the thread, and put the needle from the under side, then, go to the next hole like the picture.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 6

Then, put the needle at the upper hole, and go to like the next hole as the yellow arrow.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 7

And then, go back to the first hole and pull the thread well.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 8

Repeat the same route again, pulling the thread well at each hole.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 9

Sew it three times in total, and make a knot at the end on the wrong side.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 10

How to make a leather bottom pincushion 11

Do the same at all four corners. You finished making the bottom!
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 12

Then, go to the pincushion. Make 10cm diameter circle with your favorite fabric. It's better to make it with cotton or linen. And sew the edge line roughly with running stitch.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 13

Put stuffing in it and pull the thread. Check if it fits well on the leather bottom, and sew the closure well.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 14

I put a leather piece on the top.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 15

Put glue on the leather bottom to put the pincushion on it. I used the glue for leather craft. But I also tried to use the glue for fabrics and it went well.
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 17

Put the pincushion on it and leave for a while. That's all!!!!!
How to make a leather bottom pincushion 18

Enjoy making!
Leather bottom pincushions

Thank you very much for reading(* v *)!!!!


venus said...

so sweet!

Peter Lynn said...

This is so nice!! ^o^)~ Super Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Fam said...

I'm realy going to try this, because I don't have a pincushion and I want a nice one just like this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and cute idea! Thanks a lot for sharing it!

p.s. is the leather you used really 1 cm thick? It doesn't look that thick...

mairuru said...

Thank you very much Tatyana A.C.!
I was wrong! It was 1mm!!!! I corrected it!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That is really nice, I love the leather! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

stria said...

Sono davvero graziosi! Ho dei pezzetti di pelle colorata che potrei usare proprio per questi puntaspilli. Thank you from Daniela, Italy.

Anne--Chri said...

It' so cute and even the pins are wonderful!

Kisha said...

These are waaay too cute! I can't wait to get home and try to make a couple for myself. Thanks for sharing this cutesy pincushion:)

City Mouse said...

it is so beautiful. i love all your details, thank you for sharing how you make it. i especially love the little pins.... it looks like you have decorated them with fabric and beads as well. thank you for sharing your creativity!

Celia said...

is is so cute and looks so easy too, or at least you make it looks so easy!!! lol...
Thanks so much!

casserole said...

These are so pretty! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Tretha said...

Thanks Mai, Very very cute! (^o^)

Crafty Cripple said...

I love this, I recently acquired a few scraps of leather and this is perfect for my first leather project, thanks for sharing.

Marylectora said...

Haces unas cosas muy bellas.
Gracias por enseñar tu trabajo y que podamos aprender de ti.
Saludos de mary

Farida said...

Thank you for sharing.........its lovely

Farida said...

Thank you for Sharing.........Its very pretty

Karin said...

Those pincushions are adorable. Thansk for sharing the tutorial!

MartiVG said...

Thank you for your tutorial on this very cute pincushion. I tried making it today and found that your instructions for the placement of the orange dots in the diagram is incorrect. It makes the stitching turn out horizontally instead of vertically. Other than that, very easy tutorial and I love all your work.

mairuru said...

Hello MartiVG,
Thank you very much! I didn't notice it. I am really sorry.
I corrected the picture right now.

Thank you very much again!

mairuru said...

Hi everyone,
I made also the pins too. It's really easy. I just put a small circle of my favorite fabric and put little stuffing.
(* v *)!!!!!

Pepi said...

Preciosos tus alfileteros y muy originales. Saludos.

Susuko said...

Oh, I love this!
Today I want to make one for me!
Thank you for the tut!

I read your blog regularly!

Susuko said...

I made one!
Look at my blog!
Thank you very much!

carolaluciole said...

//It's so nice, a marvelous idea.

knitwick said...

Thank you for the tutorial. The pincushions are so lovely. I will have to make some soon!!

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