Oct 12, 2009

Yokohama Jazz Festival

Thank you very much for all your comments on my previous post. I'm really happy to read them. I didn't imagine if you would leave so many comments, but I read it one by one every day. Thank you (* v *)!!!!

By the way, last weekend, we went to the Yokohama Jazz festival which was held once in a year.
Before we found a Jazz live, I noticed there was a live of Senegal musician's also.
I like percussion the best, so we sawed it at first.(Though my boyfriend likes Jazz better...)
Senegal musicians
I enjoyed it very much! They are so powerful. One of them broke the stick because he beat it too strongly.

After the session started, there came lots of people hearing the strong beats.
Senegal musicians
I enjoyed it very much under the beautiful sky.

Then we went to the next place to listen to Jazz.
Yokohama Jazz festival
It was also beautiful session.

And the outside of the building, there was another stage.
Yokohama Jazz festival
It was the space to repair big ship originally. So this is called dockyard garden.
The garden is under this building.
Yokohama Jazz festival
The highest building in Japan. I used to work in the 47th. floor before. I enjoyed the beautiful sight every day.

Yokohama Jazz festival
Children didn't stay sitting. They were playing always and I enjoyed seeing them.

Yokohama Jazz festival
I found a cute girl and her mother. They both put cute boots. I think their clothes are very Japanese.

At the second day, we went to a street to listen to younger people's Jazz sessions.
Yokohama Jazz festival
They were not good enough, but everybody enjoyed it.
I saw some stages this day too, and enjoyed them very much.
I don't listen to CDs so much, but I love listening to the lives. In this street, once a week some young people do the street lives in the night and when I worked near the street before, I used to go to listen to.

But I was surprised when I was in San Francisco. i could see many street lives there, and they all are very high quality!!!!! I wanted to live there to enjoy more lives...


Anonymous said...

Wow Mai, didn't know you loved Jazz. I have friends who are involved in Jazz music and concerts
Thanks for sharing. Now I know you once worked in the tallest building in Japan !

Umatji said...

I love the dockyard garden - what an amazing space and a great re-use!

Coochies & All said...

Hi Mai!
I'm Elaine from Singapore. Just found your blog 2 days back through Sew Mama Sew blog, and I'm totally in love with your blog!! There's so much to read and learn from you! I love japan and everything japanese, and I love sewing too but am not good at it, so your tutorials will be very useful for me. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your creativity on your blog! :)
elaine t

Isadora said...

Lovely pictures, I really enjoy reading about what you do in Japan!

Leah White said...

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Susan said...
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