Mar 10, 2018

I can't count linen.

5 weeks after her injury, My daughter is better now and she could dance (hula) with her team today.

For the team member, I
made bow hair  pins as small  gifts.

My son is doing well too.
And he likes making something with me.
These days he makes lots of Sushi rolls of origami papers. 
He makes them so often, and finally I made them by Kogin embroidery.

I stitch everyday and made many embroidery goods.

And now I'm trying to stitch on fine linen fabrics. But it's hard for me to count the linen.
I'm stitching everyday and want to do better! These are what I practiced on brown and yellow linen. 

It was too hard for me to count the brown one. If you could stitch well on linen, please teach me how you practiced.

Thank you.


elmersmum said...

Hi Mai,
If I want to embroider on fine linen which is hard to count, I use my large magnifying glass. It looks like an embroidery hoop with a cord attached to it. You simply hang it around your neck. You don't need to hold it as it rests on your chest, so your hands are free to work on your embroidery.
You can see pictures on GOOGLE. Just type "Magnifying glasses for embroideries."
Hope this will help you!

Oh, and I love your yellow pouch! :>)

Anonymous said...

Your children are happy. Great that you are improving and sewing a lot. I love the bag and pin cushion. I will attempt to make the pin cushion for my sewing needles.


VickiMcFadden said...

Mobile se delete photo ko kaise recover kare