Mar 19, 2018

I found a very good tool for embroidery.

These days, I'm training to embroidery on fine linen fabric.
Because of the difficulty of counting, the results are not so good.

But finally, I found a good tool in my daughter's toy box.
This is it!

It's a light box to trace something. She got it for drawing Manga.

I can count linen easily on it.
Even on black or deep blue color, the light helps me to count it.
Now I can embroidery faster than before, and the result is more neat!
The other side is also beautiful. I love both sides. Which one do you like better?


Anonymous said...

Wow Mai, that's a great idea and helps a lot.
I prefer the first one. But both look really good.

I am going to try this too. My eyesight is not too good, but I love embroidery sewing. I used to do cross-stitch and crochet too.

Good job


mairuru said...

Hello Philomena, thank you for your comment, it will help you lot!

DavidBennett said...

iTechBeat said...

Found a good quality thing.

index said...

Thin linen as a base for embroidery was a good idea. Its implementation allowed to obtain the interesting and uncomplicated patterns.

get work of your dream said...

You showed me a completely unknown tool for me to make embroidery work look much neater and more beautiful.