Oct 23, 2009

My favorite Japanese online fabric shops

Some readers asked me online fabric shops in Japan.
They are written in Japanese only, and don't ship internationally, so you might feel hard to see their sites.
But for whom want to know how they are, I made this list.
(I'm sorry I cannot get fabrics for you...)

New fabrics, flower print
The first one is "Haru". I call my boyfriend "Haru", so I like this shop very much (* v *).
They sell lots of fabrics, and especially, their flower print fabrics are beautiful.
This is a page of flower print cotton.
Haru cotton flower

The next shop is SWANY. They have two real shops, and one is only two stations away from my apartment. But I know their fabrics are good quality, so I get their items in relief from their online shop.

Here are their outlet price fabrics.
SWANY outlet

I like their linen fabrics.
I got the white linen fabric for this bag in their sale.
Linen pouch with a leather tag

The third shop is CHECK&STRIPE. It's famous, isn't it?
Their fabrics are beautiful but it's expensive for me. So I get their fabrics sometimes when they have discount price fabrics.

I got fabrics from this shop, CRAFT PUKU too.

Their fabrics are very cheap, and usually I'm content of them.
Now, I'm thinking to get these dot fabrics.

For cotton linen, or cotton double gauze, I love this shop, "Fabric Store".

But their fabrics are not so low cost, I wait their sale or their fabric bundles.

And for lace, I use this shop, "Merci".
Their Batten lace are very cheap, but most of them are usually out of stock. So it's hard to get what I want...
But for example, this lace of 10 yard long costs 3 dollars or less.
Merci lace

Fabrics from Fabric Bird
At the last, I got these fabrics from this shop, "FABRIC BIRD".
Because of their sale, I got them in only 4 dollars per meter.
FABRIC BIRD one coin sale

But most of them went out of stock soon after they began the sale.

Most of Japanese online shops have their mail magazines, and to know when they begin sale, we should read them.

Oh, today I went to my nearest fabric shop, "Okadaya".
Today they just began their sale, and I could get all items in 20% off price.
So I got these fabrics.
Fabrics from Okadaya
One is Liberty, and the other is cotton double gauze fabric. I'm happy with them (* v *)!!!!

Have a good weekend! I usually stay with my boyfriend but he is away for three days.
I make many items with these new fabrics!


FatiN said...

Hi Mai :)

I've been following your blog for a while now.. The things you make are brilliant!

The japanese cottons are gorgeous.. It's difficult to get such gorgeous fabrics in Malaysia..

Anne--Chri said...

Hi Mai,

Thanks for the adresses. It's a shame they don't ship intl :p These fabrics are so cute. I have found some on etsy.com There is a trick to read japanese websites -> google translate. It's not perfect but at least you get an idea.

Arenitaz said...

hi, I saw your blog and I love your work. I am grateful for you for all the so pretty tutoriales.
faeces very beautiful things she will visit you soon ... good-bye

be*mused jan said...

Thank you for sharing some of your fabric sources!

the nest said...

Thank you for sharing your fabric links/sources! The Liberty print in the last photo is my favorite!

Enjoy your peaceful + creative weekend...

Graka said...

what a beautiful fabrics *_* I've seen similar fabrics in some shops here but I think the quality is lower maybe.Thanks for the pincushion tutorial!

Suze said...

Love the fabrics!

muiee said...

Hi Mai,

I love the cotton double gauze fabric that you have got! Hope to see you make something out of them soon :)


Anonymous said...

Mena (my screen name only)to my talented Japanese friend Mai :)

Wow, love the fabrics. There's a shop I buy my fabrics from it's got a Japanese name "Nagoya" but it's not Japanese ..lol
I just love all the fabrics above
Hope to get some similar ones when I find the time

catarinanl said...

Hi. I just met you blog and I have to say I'm in love. I love your creations and love even more the fact that you share your tutorials. I'm gonna try and make an Sarubobo plush, I'll later let you know how it when. I added you to my flick contacts as well.

Pierrot le Fou said...

I love Liberty print! I use to work in a fabric shop, super fun times :)

Robyn said...

The Japanese have all the good stuff. I want to go there and shop for fabrics and craft and sewing books.

Peter Lynn said...

I've always admired fabrics done and sold in Japan! The textures and patterns seem to suit alot of taste and styles!

Cookie Cutter said...

I simply love Japanese fabric! So much variety. Pity they don't ship internationally though.

Kiya Violet said...

hello mai,

i discovered your blog just some weeks ago. And I read all your posts and really enjoyed it. Your work is very inspiring, and the goods are sooo cute and lovley.

Please have a look on my blog too, if you like. I haven´t posted very much yet, because mine is very new, but i`m working on it.

Greetings from Germany :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about belraffabrics.com?

Ikoplus Fabric said...

Hi Mai :)

I also offer Japanese fabric in Etsy
You can take a look if you have free time.


IKOplus Fabric

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marj said...

Everything is cute! How much are the average price if fabric in japan? My aunt lives there but im too leary ask her a favor to buy me some fabrics. I do admire everything im japan!

I do have a blog too! Mostly i blog about food and family. Pls. Drop by if have time.

Domo arigato,

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HawkEye said...

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Valarie Michelle said...

Thank you so much for this post. I've been searching from recommended fabrics in Japan, happy I finally found it.

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Katherine said...

Hello! I just moved to Japan and I am looking to make some thermal curtains. I need a lot of batting to make the curtains, do yo know where I can buy inexpensive batting? I live in Mie near Nagoya, but I don't mind shopping online! Thank you! This post is a great resource and I might just have to buy some lovely cotton linen for the curtains!

Shruti Aggarwal said...

Hello! Very helpful blog. Could someone tell me how much is direct to fabric printing on cotton fabric cost in Japan?

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


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Tasty Destination said...

Wow.....that's wonderful. Thanks for sharing all those. I must give myself some me time now to sit and browse through them all. fabric world

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itsmeee4ver said...

This is nice blog. Thanks for sharing it.
I'm from Japan, I've been looking for online shop for fabrics.
Finally... Domo Arigatou. It was mendokksai to go the store to buy esp. when carrying it by yourself.