Feb 26, 2018

How to make LIBERTY ribbon hair clips

This morning, I found a good way to make ribbons using LIBERTY tana lawn.

Next to me, my son made sushi rolls for his dad.

I'll show you how I made them.

I cut a piece of the fabric in 2cm x 35 cm.

Then I put double sided tape on the center of it.

I folded the both sides releasing the paper of  the tape. 

I folded it making triple bow shape.

Do you know this thread for making bows?
You just wrap the center 3-4 times using it, and it keeps the shape without knotting.
I made the bows with it.

I prepared another LIBERTY tape of about 5cm and made a knot.

I wrapped the bow with the knotted tape and sewed at the back.

At last, I attached the bow on the hair pin with a glue gun.

I also  made hair clips with cute lettering ribbons.

I'll be happy if you liked them and make your cute bows.

See you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so pretty. I want to try it. My daughter has used some of my felt material to make nice hair accessories.
I love all your handicraft.
You are generous to share with us.


mairuru said...

Hi, Philomena. Thank you so much. I want to try my daughter's wth felt.

elmersmum said...

Hi Mai,
What is the white thread called you have used for your hair bows?
I have made a red and a blue hair bow from ribbon and I like them very much - thank you for sharing with us, so kind of you. :>)

mairuru said...

I'm sorry. I've forgot to put a link. I found it in ETSY by the name bow line or bow thread.

elmersmum said...

Thank you for the link, Mai, will go and have a look. Have a lovely day! :>)

agen domino said...

Nice post bro, i like it :)

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