Dec 21, 2009

My new fabrics and lots of bias tapes

Today I got some linen fabrics and cotton / wool fabrics.
Japanese linen fabrics
I like the purple linen and am thinking of what I make with it. The color is very clear and beautiful.

My new fabrics
I'd like to make some bags or pouches with them.

Before I got them, I made these bias tapes.
Bias tapes
I have too much fabric stash now, so I made them.

Bias tapes
It's fun to think of the combination of the fabrics. I opened stash boxes one by one, and enjoyed picking up fabrics.

Rabbit key holder
They are key chains what I made several days before.
I used my favorite linen and cotton fabrics. And also, I put my leather scraps to put the chains.

Rabbit key holder
Their backs are of my favorite cotton.

Rabbit key holder
I hand embroidered their faces with Sashiko thread. It's good on the linen.

I'm still sleepy after my jogging/walking. But I'm enjoying both jogging and hand sewing every day.
Almost every morning I meet Bo-chan and he is doing well. But he still eats ice cubes, and it makes me worried. But when I asked his owners about it, they told me that he doesn't drink water at all and only eats ice.
If it snows, he would eat it... ???


vivi said...

i'm vivi from argentina
i like your blog lots!!!

Neky White said...

really cute key chains *_* every post of you give me inspiration ^^. Thank you and have a merry christmas!

hana said...

how funny! bo-chan must like the crunch of the ice instead of getting his mouth wet by drinking water. that is quite strange though for a dog.
i really like the new keychains you've made, the faces are too cute. said...

J'admire ce que tu fais.
Ces petits porte-clés sont très mignons.

Colibri tejedor said...

hola, que creaciones más bellas, se ven muy tiernas y con una delizadeza unica en la manera en que las realizastes.... admito tu talento.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mai! I love to sew with linen - I've collected lots from Op shops and garage sales and find that the old, used, well-washed linen is so soft and manageable. Magic material. Enjoy your new fabrics, but try some old, vintage pieces too.

l'aiguille... said...

Hello Mai !
As usual, i really enjoy your blog !
My two cats prefer eating snow than drink in their cup. They prefer drink anywhere else than in their cup !!! (in the bathroom, in the plants, outside...) I don't try to understand anymore...
Merry christmas !

julie said...

Oh! Mai, they are just way too cute. Good work.

Mom Wald said...

Lovely whimsical keychains! It's nice that Bo-chan has good friends like you.

Giulia said...

I love your blog!

Catherine said...

I wouldn't be too worried about Bo-chan. I ask a friend who takes care of lots of dogs, and eating ice isn't unusual.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mai
Lovely materials and good work, as usual
Let me take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays

your annonymous friend
Mena :)

"See you" next year 2010
take care

helena said...

Merry christmas and a Happy New Year!

amrita said...

ti ammiro.ogni cosa che crei è bella.ogni oggetto ha stile.ogni oggetto porta con se una poesia.fose è il fasciono orientale,forse invece sei proprio ogni modo mi ricarica passare a vedere cosa fai.

jacqueline said...

Dear Mai, i adore the bias tapes you made and those keychains are soo cute! Merry Christmas! I hope it was bright and merry for you and yours. Love to you!

Lisa said...

hi mairuru!!!!
i really enjoy your blog!! you have so many creative and cute ideas!!! i was wondering if you could post how 2 make the plush rabbit key chains. i think the are adorable and i would like to know ow to make them!!! thx!! ^__^

zigzago said...

Hi, I'm new on you blog. I realy don't know how I came here but I know i realy love your work, it's great. I'll be following you from now on! I wish you a happy and creative new year! Renata.
(ps: I'm from Belgium but I live in Italy)

handandspiritstudio said...

oh these little key chains are sweet and the fabrics delicious.
love your blog!

evie said...

i love this!! very kawaii!!!!

Aras said...

It's lovely, lovely, lovely!

Brynn said...

When people eat or chew ice, it usually means they're anemic. You should take your dog to the vet and get him checked out.

Vivian said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while but this is the first message I've left ;D
I loveeeee your bunny keychains! Reading your blog has made me want to learn how to sew. If its not too difficult, can you share the pattern for the bunnies? Thank you!

Congrats on your marriage and baby!

Ru Hui said...

Hi Mai, I'm Ru Hui form Malaysia. I just adore your website! I made a rabbit pencil box chain based on your rabbit keychains. They're absolutely adorable! Thx Mai!

mbiencegroup said...

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