Nov 29, 2009

How to make a string quilt pouch.

String quilt pouch
I made two string quilt pouches these days and took some pictures of the process.
It's easy to make this quilt, so please try it!
String quilt pouch

The pouch measures approximately 5.25 inches tall, 5.75 inches wide.
So to make it, you need,
*fabrics for the top about 10 inches x 6.5 inches
*fabric for the inside about 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches
*batting of the size 5.5 inches x 6 inches
*a pair of magnetic snap(or snap or velcro)
*If you want to add a tag, the fabric for it.(I used a little piece of linen fabric and Sashiko embroidery thread)
That's all.

How to make a string quilt pouch 1
At first, prepare the strips for the top. I cut the fabrics into 0.5 inches strips. I also cut some small pieces of scraps as the same width, and patchworked them making 6.5 inches long strips.

How to make a string quilt pouch 2
Put the first strip on the batting, making the right side up.

How to make a string quilt pouch 3
Put the second strip on it, making the right side inside.

How to make a string quilt pouch 4
Sew them with the batting like the picture.

How to make a string quilt pouch 5
Open it, put the third strip on the second piece and repeat the process.

How to make a string quilt pouch 6
I quilted six strips.

How to make a string quilt pouch 7
I covered the batting.

How to make a string quilt pouch 8
Trim it into rectangle. Mine was not so good rectangle, but I didn't care (* v *).
This is the back side.

How to make a string quilt pouch 9
Cut the inside fabric as the same size.

How to make a string quilt pouch 10
I made a little tag with a piece of white linen.
I folded the both sides.

How to make a string quilt pouch 11
And stitched on the both seams with Sashiko embroidery thread.

How to make a string quilt pouch 12
Fold it in two and baste it on the top, a little upper place from the center.

How to make a string quilt pouch 13
Put the top and the inside fabric making the right side inside and sew the shorter sides.

Howtostring1_15How to make a string quilt pouch 14
I sewed both sides.

How to make a string quilt pouch 15
Open it like the picture and put pins at the center.

How to make a string quilt pouch 16
Sew the side lines leaving an opening on the inside fabric side.

How to make a string quilt pouch 17
Turn it out from the opening.

How to make a string quilt pouch 18
Close the opening with blind stitch.

How to make a string quilt pouch 19
Put the inside pocket in the outside. It's almost done.

HHow to make a string quilt pouch 20
I used this pair of magnetic snaps. It's sew on type.

How to make a string quilt pouch 21
Sew them on the inside.

How to make a string quilt pouch 22
It's OK to put a snap or velcro.

String quilt pouch
Enjoy sewing!!!!

Nov 25, 2009

My days with my family

My parents cat
In these four days, I stayed with my family to celebrate my niece's two years birthday and my mother's 60th birthday(But she hasn't got 60 years old yet).
For my niece's birthday, we had a party with our handmade sushi and two big cakes what my younger sister(she is the mother) made.
Birthday decoration

We also went to see colored trees in the daytime.
Drive to Gifu, Korankei
It was beautiful and my niece enjoyed it very much.

I and my mother found a beautiful shop of dyed clothes and bags.
A shop of dye goods
It was an old house and we liked the displays.
A shop of dye goods
We like seeing this kind of shop.

The following day, we went to Wakayama, it's 300 km far from my parent's house. We went there for my mother's celebration, but actually it's for my niece.
We went to a big zoo and saw many kinds of animals.
My niece enjoyed it a lot.
In a zoo, baby polar bear.
This bear was only 1 month old.
We also saw two baby Pandas.
In a zoo, baby Panda
They born on the same day as the polar bear's birthday, but they already are big.
We especially enjoyed the show of dolphins.
In a zoo, dolphines
My niece liked it very much and was excited at the hotel.
She jumped in the bed again and again, and didn't fall asleep at all.
My father and my brother played with her till late night.

The second day, we went to a famous beach with the beautiful white sand.
Shirarahama, in Wakayama

Shirarahama, in Wakayama
It was really beautiful.

We also enjoyed shopping at a fish market.
Fish market

It was a short trip but we enjoyed it so much.
After two days trip, we came back to my parent's house. Two cats were waiting for us.
My parents cat
My parents cat
Usually they are doing freely, but this night, they wanted to stay near my mother. They like her the best and they missed her.

Oh, I took some pictures of my works when I was young.
My quilt, about 20 years ago...
My mother puts them in her living room for years.
My quilt, about 20 years ago...
I like this house patchwork one.
My quilt, about 20 years ago...
I think this is the oldest one. I made them when I was high school student maybe.
They are not so well made, but I'm happy my mother still keeps them.

Yesterday I came back to Yokohama.
I stay with my boyfriend like the cats with my mother (* v *)!!!!

Nov 17, 2009

What I like...

Red sky from my room
I like walking.
Yesterday, I found beautiful red sky from our window. I took the picture and then went out with my boyfriend only to see the sky well. We also met Bo-chan during our walk.

I like cooking.
I usually cook twice a day, for lunch and dinner. These were what I cooked for yesterday's dinner.
My boyfriend likes grilled fish especially. I also made Sashimi for him.
aroid and calamari
I also made this dish of aroid and calamari. These Japanese dishes are healthy because they don't have any oil. We ate them with cooked rice and a salad.

I like eating too.
fried rice with egg
I especially like eating my dishes (* v *)!!!! I made this dish for today's lunch and I liked it very much. This is fried rice with eggs.

I like using my hands.
Hand carved stamp for new year card
The day before yesterday, I hand carved a stamp for my new year card.
And yesterday, I made these cat quilts.
I like flower cat, mini quilt
I'm always thinking of what I make next, and it's really fun for me.

I like drawing.
My memo pad
I always have some pieces of paper(most of them are recycled ones) and pens. I usually draw some design. I have small memo pad for when I go outside. When I take trains, I see other passenger's bags or clothes, and if I find something cute, I draw it.
Oh, I like seeing other person's works. Yesterday I found a site of a pattern shop Japanese.
SONGBELL gallery

Here are lots of their customer's works.

I like studying.
These days I study English and Chinese. But my passion changes soon so I studied about economy in summer, and about child care last spring (* v *).
And I love reading books very much.

I enjoy everyday life.
I feel I'm really happy because I can do everything I want.
Thank you very much for everyone who helps me. Thank you very much for everyone who read this blog and give me comments.
And thank you Bo-chan!

Nov 14, 2009

Birthday gift for my little niece

Next weekend, she gets two years old.
So I made some gifts for her.
The one is a skirt.
Skirt for my little niece
It was easy to make but I should have sewn long ruffle.

I also made small hair clips with the same fabrics.
They are also easy. I made only two yo-yos, and put covered button on each.
Skirt for my little niece

I also made four bibs with the Yukata fabric what I got in the Yokohama quilt week(My last post).
Bib for my little niece

I washed them after I finished them.
Bib for my little niece
And I realized the Yukata fabric lose color so much. The water turned blue soon. I washed them twice, and the back fabric got blue...

Bib for my little niece
At first, I planned to list them on my shop, but I cannot sell them. So they all are for my niece now.

I found the pattern for the skirt here.
I'm sorry but it's in Japanese only.

Have a good day (* v *)!!!!