Dec 26, 2008

Handmade wool dress

I sewed my wool dress today. It took about 7 hours because I sewed it all by my hands (as usual).

The most difficult thing for me is to make button holes.
It's difficult to make them beautiful.

Because I haven't got new clothes these days, my mother worried about me. So she gave me some money to get new clothes.
But it's not because I don't have money. I like to sew my clothes. And also, it's difficult to find something good which fits my body(a little oversized). These days, many shops have only one size clothes and I cannot wear them...

So I got this wool and gingham check cotton with her money. I made this dress to wear when I go back to my parents house, four days after.
It's big to wear something warm in it.
I hope she likes it!

Dec 22, 2008

It's difficult to take pictures!

I took some pictures of my new works.
The idea of these trees came up in my head while I was sleeping yesterday. I desighned it soon after I woke up.

The most difficult thing was to take a good picture.
Because my room has little light. I bought a small light for taking picture but the light bulb color was yellow... I should get another one of white color.

So, I should take pictures without the small light. And with little room light, I should have opened the diaphragm. I wanted to take pictures with less opend diaphragm to make pictures sharp.

By the way,,,
Why my room is so dark? It's because many tall buildings are surrounding this building. I'm living in a second largest population city in Japan, and I can walk to a largest station by walk. And I cannot spend much money for living...
So this room is very tiny and dark...

I want to live near the sea!!!!!

Dec 14, 2008

Origami Lotus Flower pin

I made lotus flowers with thin cotton fabrics.
I made them in the same way as Origami way.
How to make origami lotus

It was difficult to fold cotton, so I sewed the center and four corners a little.

I came up with this idea while I was sleeping last night. I'm always thinking what I'll sew next.

Dec 13, 2008

Baby bib

One of my best friend gives birth this Christmas. I'm really happy to hear that because the birthday is same as my mother's.
Last week, I made a baby bib for her new born baby. I wanted to make something original and cute, and I designed it as a bear's face.

I used double gauze cotton for the backside and put cotton fabric in the inside for much drool.

After that, I made another two bibs for my shop.

Dec 7, 2008

Japanese time and miniature editing

I've just seen a news. A captain of ANA(Japanese airline) drunk too much than the rule last night, so the company didn't allow him to fly today.
The airline was late because they should look for another pilot. It was the news.
But the delay was only 5 minutes!!!!!
Is it news??? I don't think so...

I often notice that Japanese people are too nervous about time.
If the train comes late by only two minutes, they announce the delay and apologize for passengers.
It's Japan.
I traveled a lot in Italy. I often met long time delay train. I had to wait for 6 hours max. If the train came 5 minutes late, I thought it's on time.

I want to think time like Italian people.

The pictures are what I took in Italy. I edited them to look like miniatures.
The top picture is a sea of Sorrento.

And this is a town of Perugia. There are lots of old buildings.

And this is from a tower in Asti. After I went downstairs, I drank delicious spmante!

I like this editing method very much.

Dec 3, 2008

Origami Ororon bird

Today I found this instruction and made 4 Ororon birds.

They were a little difficult but very cute! I made them from a piece of Origami paper because I wanted to make them very small.

The instruction is from Japanese Origami artist, Takai Hiroaki.
His Origami are always very cute and very original (but sometimes difficult..).
I like his works very much because they look as if they are alive.
This bird is also what I made with his instruction. It was much easier than Ororon!

If you try to make this Ororon, and have any questions, please ask me!