Nov 29, 2010

Miyu met Bo-chan

Miyu and Bo-chan
Two weeks ago we went to Bo-chan with Miyu.
It was cold day but the door was opened.
He was at the entrance with his owner and we could show Miyu to them.

Bo-chan was fine(* v *)!!!!

We also went to our favorite Yakiniku restaurant.
They held Miyu and she laughed at them.
I love this restaurant very much so I enjoyed dishes and the conversation with them.

Miyu using chamber pot
This is the picture when Miyu used her chamber pot.
These days, she uses it soon after she wakes up. If I don't put her on it, she doesn't suck the breast.
When she finishes, I wash it and come back to her. She always smiles at me seeing the clean chamber pot.
Then her new day begins.

She likes playing with my Sarubobo mobile.
playing with Sarubobo mobile

Nov 4, 2010

My PC has broken...

I broke my MacBook 2 weeks ago.
I like it but the repare cost is too high. I can get new PC with it.
So I'm looking for new one now.
I'm writing this post using my husband's PC.

Miyu and I caught cold these days, but were doing well.
This weekend her grandparents come to see her. We should get better by then.

Miyu grows very well.
Now she smiles and talk to me a lot.
We go to a place where babies and mothers of the same area meet and play together.
It's a good place for me because I don't have friends who have baby near me.
It's also a good place for Miyu. She can only stay there but she watches other babies all the time curiously.

About the chamber pot, every morning she gets up earlier than us and uses her chamber pot at first (* v *)!!!!
In the daytime, I can notice her sign only 5-6 times a day.

When I get new PC, I'll show you some recent pictures.

See you!!!!