Feb 26, 2010

How to make an Origami drawstring bag

Today I'd like to show you the way to make a drawstring bag from square.
Origami drawstring bag
This is the bag.
It has two pockets on the outside with flaps.
Origami drawstring bag

If you have a hanky, you can make the bag from it.
I didn't have any to use, so I used two pieces of squares for it.

Here we go.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 1
I cut each fabric in 16 inches square. From them, I made approx. 6.5 inches square pouch.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 2
I sewed them together leaving the space to turn it out.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 3
I turned it out and closed the space. If you make it with your hanky, please begin from the next step.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 4
Fold it into a triangle, and fold the top at the 1/3 from the top. (See the picture)

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 5
Mark the line and put pins.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 6
Then sew at the line.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 7
After you sewed it, you can open the top like the picture. Place the sewed line at the center.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 8
Then turn it out.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 9
And fold it in two.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 10
Sew at the bottom line to separate the outside pockets.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 11
Open it again and fold in two the other side out.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 12
Then sew the both side lines leaving 1 inch from the top(Leaving the space to put strings in).

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 13
Turn it out again. Now you have the main pocket and two outside pockets.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 14
And fold the top triangle like the picture.

How to make an Origami drawstring bag 15
Sew at 0.5 inches from the top on both side.

Origami drawstring bag
Put two strings from both sides. That's all!
If you make it from a hanky, you don't need so much time to sew.
Origami drawstring bag

The fabric what I used for the outside is my favorite one (* v *).

By the way,,, today I organized my stashes so I chose some of my favorites and cut little pieces.
scraps for my next giveaway
They are for my next give away. Now I have 5-6 books for it, so I can choose 5-6 readers. I'd like to thank you for all and choose as many as I can.
Please give me some time more to prepare.

Thank you for reading again.
Today's work was a little hard for me, but I'm fine at all(* v *).

Oh, by the way, I made this toast today. It was quite easy and simple.
Cookpad Toast recipe
I know you cannot read Japanese, but it has pictures.
1) Cut the bread like the picture.
2)Put it on the pan and put some oil in the square. Put an egg, salt and pepper in it and mix them.
3) Put a slice of cheese on the egg.
4) Put the square left at step 1 on it.
5) Turn it out.
That's all! I put a slice of ham also.

See you (* v *)!!!!

Feb 22, 2010

The pattern of slippers for kids

Anpanman slippers
Two readers asked me about the slippers on previous post.
I made it with the pattern from a Japanese blog site.
I asked her if I can introduce her recipe on my blog and she allowed it.


Here is the link of the pattern and tutorial, but it's only in Japanese...

You can download the pattern in the step 1.
The pattern is for 6 inches long size. It fits my niece, 2 years old.
(Right now I got the news from my mother, my sister just gave berth to a baby boy!!!!)

Please seek the string "katagami_1.pdf" and "katagami_2.pdf" in the site.
The patterns include approx. 0.5 inches allowance. A and B are the same pattern(for upper) and you also need the same pattern of batting.

She used sock liners to put in the bottom. Instead of it, I put batting.

In step 3, she sewed the upper. the colored pattern of the pictures mean the right side of the fabric. The bottom white one of the picture is batting. After sewed them together, turn it out.

In step 4, you put the upper with the under(D) of the bottom. Every fabrics are right side up. and baste them together.

In step 5, put the C on the 4, facing right side inside and sewed them together leaving a space to turn it out at the heel.

In the step 6, turn it out and put a sock liner in it. In my case, I sewed the batting with C in step 5.
That's all. It seems a little complicated but it's not so difficult. Please use many pins to sew it in good shape.

Oh, I should tell you one more.
Please don't sell the item with the pattern. She mentioned about it in her post.

Some readers asked me if they could sell items with my patterns. It's OK. I don't mind how you use my patterns. One thing I want is you could enjoy them.

This afternoon, my niece called me to tell "thank you". I'm happy to hear her voice (* v *).
After my niece's call, I feel happy and made these little charms.
Mitten charms
These are new petit gifts for my customers, mitten charms.

See you (* v *)!!!!

Feb 19, 2010

How to make a simple square baby bib

Square bib
This is only a square with a pair of snaps.
It's too easy but I write here a little bit of tutorial. Please try it!

You need only a pattern of 10 inches square. This pattern includes 0.5 inches allowance.
How to make a square bib 1

And you need two pieces of fabrics as the pattern. It would be better if you have two different fabrics.

Then sew them together leaving an opening to turn it out. I sewed it with half back stitch to make it sturdy.
How to make a square bib 2

At a corner, I put a piece of cotton string (4 inches length).
How to make a square bib 3

Put it like the picture and sew it again and again.
How to make a square bib 4

Before turn it out, cut every corner in bias to make the corner sharp.
How to make a square bib 5

Turn it out and close the opening.
How to make a square bib 6

I hand stitched with Sashiko embroidery thread to decorate it.
How to make a square bib 7

Put a pair of snaps (or velcro) at the corner with the string and the opposing corner.
How to make a square bib 8

It's all! You can use it reversible.
And you can use it as a hanky too.
Square bib

I made two of them and today sent them to my sister. These are for her second baby.
bibs for my sister's second baby

I also made a pair of slippers for her first girl, my little niece, with her favorite character.
Anpanman slippers
Anpanman slippers

These days I'm pretty good in the morning so I can sew for several hours.
I'm not so good in the evening but sewing time makes me happier than before (* v *).

Thank you very much for your comments. I like reading them to my Tomato.

Feb 13, 2010

I'm working on...

Sloth applique

Thank you very much for everyone who left me kind comments.
We two enjoy reading them. I read them for my tomato sometimes.

Now I'm getting better and can work 1-2 hours a day.
So I began to make a custom order bag.
Today I finished the applique on it.
Sloth applique

This is the third bag of this design. I like this design and so does two of my customers (* v *).
I feel very happy when I got custom orders. It takes me more time than usual, but I feel much happier.

And I am making some new bibs for my Tomato and my sister's new baby(still in her). She already knows it's a boy.
Square bib

These are squares, like hankies. I only put snaps on two corners.
Square bib

It's reversible!
Square bib

Of course, you can use it as a hanky, so I put a piece of string on a corner.
Square bib

It's too easy but I'll write here the tutorial next time.

Have a beautiful weekend (* v *)!!!!

Feb 10, 2010

We got married !!!!

Yesterday, we got married (* v *)!!!!
I chose yesterday because it seemed easy to remember the date, 2010/02/10.
I and my husband (!!!!) are not so good at remembering anniversary.

For the marriage registration, we need two person's sign so we went to ask it for our friends couple.
Our friend's wife and I are pregnant so men made us our dinner (* v *)!

My husband and our friend made these.
The dinner was my husband's specialty, Oyako-don.
We enjoyed them very much (* v *)!!!!

I gave them my bibs for their baby what I wrote in my previous post.
Today I'd like to write here how I made the bibs.

Making sloth bib 1
I used these fabrics for them, cotton printed fabric for the right side, cotton soft waffle fabric for the wrong side and cotton towel for the inside. The towel is for well absorbed.

Making sloth bib 2
I piled them like the picture.

Making sloth bib 3
And made the face parts using the pattern(I used thick paper).

Making sloth bib 4
After I put the face on the front fabric, I stitched the face with Sashiko thread.

Making sloth bib 5
After I finished the face, I piled the towel, waffle cotton and front fabric on it.

Making sloth bib 6
Be sure to face the right side inside of the top two fabrics.

Making sloth bib 7
Then sew them together leaving a space to turn it out. I used half back stitch to make it sturdy.
And before you turn it out, please cut the allowances of every curve like the picture. It's important.

Making sloth bib 8
At last, I turned it out, closed the opening and put a pair of snaps. I think it would be more sturdy if I sew the edge again. But I liked this soft taste...

I hope this would help you.
Everyday, I saw the news of heavy snow around the world and am afraid of it. Here it snowed only once and only a little. I hope you all are doing well.