Apr 20, 2012

Handomade toys

I live a busy life with Miyu. Everyday we go out and play with our friends.
Miyu is 1 year and 8 months now, but still cannot walk by herself (' v ').

After she falls asleep, I sometimes sew by her side.
These are toys for her.

This is a puzzle. I made it with a kit. I enjoyed painting it with Miyu and her friends.

We also painted on blocks. Miyu helped me to rasp them.

Miyu likes trains and plays with these trains everyday.

These are button training toys. I put her favorite characters on them.

This is an octopus. Two of her friends like them and I made two other ocutopuses for them.

Last night I made felt sandwitches. I need only one hour for them all.

The breads are very easy. I cut a piece of square and cut it in half for two pieces of bread. Then fold it in half and sew the outlines. Then put a corner inside and make the triangle shape. So you can put your favorite items in it.

Last weekend I got a Japanese sewing pattern book with cute patterns of girl's outfits.

I'm making a vest of the cover. Isn't it so cute?

Miyu likes me.

And she loves Haru very much.
He plays with her everyday even if he is very tired.

When Haru was taking her pictures,,,
She tried to put the cap...

See you!!!!

Mar 21, 2012

How to make a flower scrunchy, non-sew project

Miyu, with her scrunchy
Hello! Today we went to a small playing space for kids. It has lots of toys and Miyu enjoyed them very much.
She wears her new scrunchy. It's with fleece fabric and good for folding her hair.
How to make a non-sew scrunchy 5

I found an easy way to make non-sew scrunchies with felt from a Japanese book. Fleece or thick wool fabrics are also good. You need only fabrics, a piece of elastic, scissors and a hair pin.
How to make a non-sew scrunchy 1
At first, cut fabrics in approx. 2 inches square or circle pieces. The way from the book was in circle. It's a little hard for me so I cut fabrics in square pieces.
Please make approx. 20 pieces for one scrunchy. You can mix colors.

How to make a non-sew scrunchy 2
How to make a non-sew scrunchy 3
Then fold it in bias and cut two parts like the picture, so you make two holes in one piece.

How to make a non-sew scrunchy 4
Prepare a piece of 8 inches elastic and lace it with a hair pin (or bodkin) thorough the two holes.

Knot the elastic. That's all! If you cut fabrics in squares, it takes only 30 minutes or so.
Non-sew scrunchies
Miyu calls them "Flower". So I named them "flower scrunchies".
The center one is with wool and felt fabrics. The back ones are with fleece. The Miyu's one(The smallest one) is with circle pieces.

Please make beautiful scrunchies!
See you !!!!
Miyu with her best friend

Mar 5, 2012

Miyu likes drawing and tricycle

Miyu with her tricycle
Miyu is 1 and a half year old now. She still cannot walk but speaks a lot.
Her most favorite playing is drawing.
Miyu likes drawing

Miyu with her tricycle
And tricycle. She cannot pedal it but go forward a little by kicking.

Miyu's elephant plushie
I made some new items for her.
One is this elephant. I got the gray fabric from SWANY. I love the wool very much.

My button accessories
So I made accessories for me with it. They are hair elastics and brooches. I put my favorite buttons on them.

MIyu's shirt
I appliqued and put ruffles on her simple T-shirt. It's Minnie!
The applique is with fleece fabric so it doesn't fray.

When I was taking the picture, Miyu came to me...

Miyu's patchwork skirt
This is an irregular skirt with patchworked fabrics. I made a wool skirt for me with the same pattern. Miyu likes the lace very much and touches it whenever she puts it.

Miyu's ruffle skirt
The last one is this skirt for spring. The pattern is Japanese free pattern. The ruffle is gorgious but hard to sew only by my hands...

I began having sewing lessons for mothers and elderly people. One of the items is these ankle warmers. It's very easy to sew but they make us very hot and comfortable.
ankle warmers

I enjoy having lessons. Everyday I think what we make in next lessons. We already made ankle warmers, Sarubobo plushes and zipper pouches. What do we sew next???

Feb 2, 2012

Enjoy sewing!

Happy New Year!
We are doing fine. Miyu is 1 year and 5 months now and likes playing outside if it's very cold. She still cannot stand up by herself but she likes stairs very much.

She tries them everyday and sometimes falls down... I love her back style (* v *)!!!!
Miyu likes stairs

Here are some fur items I made for her.
One is this bag. It has a cat face pocket because she likes cats very much.
Miyu's new bag
I made it with Miyu's friend's mother. She didn't sew at all before we met but now she likes sewing for her little. I'm happy to teach sewing to other mothers.
Miyu's new bag

I made some hair clips too. They're so easy to make. I just put my favorite buttons, ribbons and Sashiko stitches.
hair clips

I made my leg warmers too. They makes me very hot and comfortable.
My leg warmers

Today I got some fleece fabric and I'll teach other mothers the way of sewing them.
I begin small sewing classes for mothers (at no charge (* v *)!!) twice a month.
I hope more people enjoy sewing for themselves and their family.
In this cold season, hand craft is best. Isn't it?
Miyu eating strawberries