Mar 31, 2008

Aqualium in Chiba

Last weekend, I went to an aqualium in Chiba.
It is a part of a large park, "Kasai Rinkai Park".
The park is by the sea. The sight from there was very nice. We could see the buildings of Tokyo.

The aqualium is under this glass dorm.

There are many big tunas, in the big tank.

This blowfish's mouse is always open. It seems to think something.

I like the turtle. It looks dancing in the water.

This squid has very cute face.

I enjoyed the aqualium and our date very much.
But it was a little bit bad day for me.
At first, it was a sunny day. I have an allergy to pollens, so I can't stay outdoor for long time in sunny days in the spring.
Secondly, it was very cold. We brought lunch box to eat outside, but we had to eat in hurry.

I like sunny spring days. I hate my allergy. ( I have another allergy to cats. I like cats very much but I cannot stay with them for long time...)

After the aqualium, we went to Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms.

Mar 26, 2008

French Seam

I like Korean patchwork "Pojagi".
But the fabrics which used in Pojagi are difficult to get, so I use my cottons.

To sew each patches, French seams are used. I like this method to sew because it doesn't need underlining so it can be sheer. Now, I'm making a curtain for the summer.

Yesterday, I made small patchworked cloth. I thought it was suit for cover basket or something. Then, my boyfriend said to me it was good for use as a furoshiki, wrapping cloth japanese.
It's a good idea.
So today, I made another big one. It's more useful as a furoshiki, because it can hold more items.

It can hold books, tissue box, bottles, etc...

Moreover, it can be used as a small bag.

Here are many instructions to wrap with furoshiki.
How to use Furoshiki

Mar 24, 2008

I was ill last week.

I had a high fever last week. It was terrible.
I had a plan to go for a trip with my boyfriend and would have met many people of far places. I would have met my grandmother.
But I couldn't even go out from my house.

And I could sew few items last week. It's a big stress for me. When I began to sell my works on ETSY shop, almost every day I sew something.

Now, I've got over my illness, I can sew again!
At first, I made two sewing pouches with japanese kimono fabrics.
The shape of them is what I thought in my bed.

Mar 18, 2008

Tokyo Tower AND Zojoji

Last week I went to Tokyo tower with my friend.
It was sunny day and there were some beautiful cherry blossoms and ume(plum) blossoms.
I like their pink color against the sky.

Near Tokyo tower, there is a famous temple named "Zojoji", built in 1393.
I like this photo with both buildings.

We went on the belvedere of the Tokyo Tower.
It cost 800 yen! I think it is too expensive. Because with this 800 yen, we can go only second highest floor. To go up the highest floor, we should pay another 600 yen...
So, we went only the second floor.
But the sight from there was adorable. We could see most parts of Tokyo.

There is a little part of glass floor to see under our foot.It's unique!

After the walk, we went by a small japanese style bar to drink beers.
It was so nice!

Mar 14, 2008

I bought linen and cotton fabrics.

I received a delightful packet today. It contains many types of fabric.

I bought discount fabric set from a famous fabric shop in japan, "CHECK AND STRIPE".

They are very cotton and linen fabrics of fine quality.
So, I soon made a pot holder with two of them.
They are good to sew with, too.

With them, I'll sew a cloth for my little niece(4 months old).

Mar 11, 2008

Onigiri bag

Today, I made a bag shaped onigiri, japanese rice ball.
I wanted to use a bias tape that I made before.
Because I have left a lot if small pieces of vintage kimono fabrics,
I made the tape.

It is very good for this japanese canvas (sailcloth).
I put the same tape to the string.

A little bit,,, too simple...???
Next time, I want to put something like seaweed.

Mar 3, 2008

Cat IPOD mini case

Today I made a case of my IPOD mini. It's a cat with a pocket.
Because I like cat, I'm making a lot of cat goods these days.
I live in a no pet allowed apartment but my parents live with two cats.
My parents lives very far from here, so I can see them several times a year.
I miss them very much.

The pocket is to put earphones in it.
It is fully lined with batting, to guard the IPOD.

At last, I made a tail of her.