Mar 30, 2011

Miyu is growing up!!!!

She is 10kg now, the biggest baby around us.

After the earthquake, our life has a bit changed.
First of all we see lots of scenes of the disaster in TV every day. And they tell about the accident of the nuclear power plant.
I don't afraid of it too much but I'm worrying about the people who works in it now.

We have less electric power because the nuclear power plant and also we lost some thermal power plants.
So we have less trains and shops has less lights and close earlier than before.
The life with less electric is a bit inconvenience but we can notice how it's important for us.

But we still enjoy our life so much.

I teach how to sew baby wears to my friends.
We've already sewed a pair of pants,
Miyu, her new pants
a smock,
Miyu, her new smock

and a hairband.
Miyu and her friends

I didn't expect that younger mothers want to sew. But now they enjoy sewing so much.

These days I frequent a big house where babies and elderly people get together.
Because we live far from our parents, I want Miyu to meet elderly people as much as possible.
Miyu, with her elderly friend

After the earthquake the place got more important for us because we don't want stay home alone. We can talk with other mothers and eldery people so we can relax and forget the disaster.

I'm happy with many people around me (* v *)!!! Of course, with you all!!!!

Mar 12, 2011


Thank you very much for your comments and e-mails.
Our city, Yokohama is far from the focus area. We and our house are OK.
Because of the earthquake, we are facing power shortage so we're trying to save electricity.
I often wake up because of frequent aftershocks.
But we have enough food, water and safe house and I'm with my dearest family.

We're worrying about the disaster area. I've never seen such a huge disaster in Japan.

Now what I can do is to save electricity and stay with Miyu.

See you.
Thank you very much again.

(* v *)!!!!!