Sep 30, 2010

Her name is Miyu

My baby (* v *)!!!!
She is Miyu. We decided her name 5 days after her birth.
I love this wear very much. It's a gift from a reader, thank you very much.

Dresses for Miyu
These are what I sewed for her.
Vest and pants for Miyu
A vest and pants.
Dresses for Miyu
And dresses.

They all are from a sewing book.
The patterns are simple and beautiful. I love the book.

Today she cried a lot and I wrapped her in the blanket what I made for her. She likes this style.
My baby (* v *)!!!!
See you!

Sep 15, 2010

Thank you very much for your comments!

My little tomato
I'm very happy with my little Tomato.
She eats very well and is getting bigger every day.

Sarubobo mobile for my little Tomato
This is a mobile what I made for her before her birth.

I also sewed some dresses for her. Next time, I'll show them.

I'm sorry for my short post...
Sarubobo mobile for my little Tomato

Sep 2, 2010

She is here!!!!

Tomato !!!!
Tomato is here now!
She was born on August 18, 2 hours after I felt the first weak pain on my bed. It was so quick and easy delivery!

Now I'm busy with her so I cannot post for a while. But we both are very happy and doing well.
Thank you very much for you all!
See you (* v *)!!!!