Jun 17, 2008

Fabrics of BRITEX

Finally, I bought some fabrics in BRITEX, near Union Square.
And I made my stole and small shoulder bag with them.

In BRITEX, a sales person helped me to choose fabrics. She suggested me some combinations of fabrics, and I could choose 4 fabrics. I like this shop very well because in Japan, we cannot ask generally. They don't speak to us, and we don't ask suggestions so much. Sometimes Japanese way is confortable because we can choose in plenty of time by ourselves. But I like to talk with people, so I prefer American way.

These days, the school was too busy and I couldn't write this blog. But today is the last day of my school, and we are going to travel n California, with my boyfriend's father. So I'm sorry if I can't write continually...

Jun 11, 2008

Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge

Last saturday, we went through the Golden gate bridge by bycicle.
I'm not good at cycling, so I was afraid of it. But it was really exciting and I liked it.
Here, in San Francisco, there are a lot of slopes in the town. So we had to ride up some steep hills. It was really hard for me so I had to take a rest many times.
It was really hot day. So I wanted to drink water a lot. But near the bridge, it costs more than 2 dollars for one small bottle. I didn't buy it...
The best sight for me is the coast I saw from the bridge. When I stopped my bycicle on the center of the bridge, strong wind blew continually. That scared me a little. But when I saw the white waves attacking the coast, I'm touched. It was beautiful.

Now, I had my scalp burned... because I didn't keep my hat on... I can't take shower directory on my head.

It became one of my good memory of San Francisco.

Oh, I ate a big tomato, in farmers market. It costed about 4 dollars, but it was really tasty!

I love tomatoes!

Jun 5, 2008

It's interesting our communication class!

Yesterday, the lessons started. It consists of writing/reading, grammar, and communication classes. I'm not so good at English, but I'm in the highest class in every lesson... Other students speak very well, so it's hard for me, but I'm trying to do my best.

In these 3 lessons, I like the communication class most. The teacher is originally from china, and he give us political theme to discuss with. Because students are from various countries, the discussion is very exciting. But,,, now, it's difficult for me to join the discussion in class time.
Because I have few vocabulary, I can't understand all during our lesson. I can understand their discussion when I come back to my hotel and I check some words in my dictionary.
But I'm learning now hard, so I think I can join them sooner or later!

Some words difficult for me are...
prophet, rudderless, absenteeism, apathetic,
The theme of yesterday was "Medium is a message, medium is a massage".

The picture above is our college. It was very foggy day the day before yesterday. It was awfully freezing!