May 26, 2010


These are Japanese diapers.
I made them with narrow width cotton.
I just cut them and sew each forming a circle.
It's very simple and easy to dry. In the past, people made them with their used cotton kimono.

Paper holders
I also made covers for toilet papers.
I made only a rectangle with snaps. It's so simple and easy to sew.
Paper holders
I put them at the small window in the bath room.

Now I'm making a baby quilt and a Kimono style underwear. When I sew, Tomato moves a lot (* v *).
WIP, baby quilt

This picture is my husband.
My husband
We attended at a class for a couple expecting a baby.
He put a heavy vest to know how pregnant woman feels. I went the class for four times and learned how to prepare for my delivery.

Thank you very much for your comments. I'm happy to read them (* v *).

May 19, 2010

Hello again!

Cute yellow flower
Hello everyone! We are doing very well.
I'm still busy to set our new apartment, but I enjoy it very much.

And I also began preparing for the delivery.
Okurumi (blanket)
I made this blanket for Tomato. The inside is soft cotton double gauze.
I still don't know whether Tomato is she or he. So most of things for Tomato is in yellow...

I made the baby sling and some little gauze hankies too.
Baby sling and hankies

I also sewed 28 cotton diapers in Japanese traditional style. They are very simple and easy to sew. I hope I could use them well...

Now I'm making a baby quilt and some more things. During setting our new rooms, I enjoy sewing very much (* v *).

These days, I also enjoyed some contacts with some friends.
I got a beautiful package from the U.S. She made me a beautiful scarf. I love it very much (* v *).
Beautiful hand knitted scarf

She also sent me this beautiful pajama for Tomato. It's so cute!
Pajama for Tomato
I also met a woman from the U.S. She came to Japan for her daughter's first baby. We went to Kamakura and enjoyed shopping at Kamakura SWANY.

I'm very happy to contact with you. Thank you very much (* v *)!!!!

I sew and post little by little. See you!