Aug 31, 2009

My daily exercise with Youtube

Hanging Sloth hand bag 1
I stay at home most of a day.
So I need some exercise.

Several years ago, I tried to do Nintendo WII Fits.
It was good for some months, but soon I feel short of the programs and I couldn't continue it for long.

I want to go outside for run. But I'm a very lazy person and when it rains or it's too hot or too cold, I soon quit going out. I sometimes frequented to the gym, but only when I was with my friends. When I decided to go one by myself, I could go only several times....

I'm such a lazy person.
Hanging Sloth hand bag 2

But for these three months, I could continue daily exercise.
It's because I do it in my room with my PC.
I jog for 15-20 minutes(on the exercise mat), then do these exercises for 20-30 minutes with Youtube.

I could lose my cholesterol by 20 percents in one month!( even if I cannot loose my weight at all... )
I go to donate blood sometimes and check it.

But I'm quite better than 3 months before. I was suffering from stiff shoulders because I'm sewing every day. But now, they are quite good!

Thank you for reading.
Have a good day!

Aug 30, 2009

Petit remake of my tank top

Petit remake, tanktop
I got a tank top recently, but it hurts me at the shoulders.
Because the straps are short for me, and the stitching at the strap hurts my shoulders.

So I cut them.
Petit remake, tanktop

And put my favorite double gauze fabric, making the strap longer to fit my shoulders.
Petit remake, tanktop

Now, I can wear it comfortably.

Pink flowers
And I made these flowers recently.
I mixed water and glue, and rinse small pieces of cotton in it.
Then I dried them. They became crisply and they don't fray easily.

I made these flowers with the pieces.
I wanted to make a flower like dahlia, but I couldn't... I'll try again!
Pink flowers

Aug 26, 2009

An idea to organize fabrics

Fabric pieces
I have little space for my fabrics, and most of them are in boxes.
When I make something new, I usually take upper fabrics in the boxes.
So sometimes I re-organize them all and notice I forget some fabrics in the bottom.

Today I got a good idea in my head for them.

At first, I cut recycled paper(some catalogs) in small pieces.
Then I cut the same size piece from my fabrics. I wanted to do it for them all, but some fabrics are not so big and I didn't want to cut them. So I cut maybe 80% of my stash.
Fabric pieces
At last I paste them on the pieces of paper.
I also wrote a note on the back, where I got them.
Fabric pieces

That's all!
I made about 150 pieces (* v *)! It took 2-3 hours.

Fabric pieces
I ordered them in colors.
Fabric pieces
I can make combination of fabrics with them. I'll use them for making the kits of Sarubobo pincushion.

Fabric pieces
I also made pockets to put them, also using catalogs( I like them because they are hard and I have lots of camera catalogs).

How do you organize your fabrics?? When I make something with patchwork, I always make them messy.

By the way,,,
Today I went to see Bo-chan, and he was quite well. Whenever I go to him, I can meet new people who also came to him. He has much more friends than me!

Aug 24, 2009

How to make a paperback cover

Finally I can write this tutorial.
It's easy to make it but the pattern is a little complicated, I'm sorry.

The feature of this book cover is adjustable for one side. A side is a pocket, and the other side closes with a cotton tape.

Book cover pattern
For this book cover, you need only two pieces(for outside and inside) of 20.5 cm x 42 cm (without allowances). You also need a piece of cotton tape (of 22 cm long) and a lace or tape for a bookmark.

How to make a bookcover 1
I drew the pattern on a piece of paper like the picture. It's only half of the pattern.

How to make a bookcover 2
I patchworked the outside fabric, so I sewed 20.5 cm x 14 cm and 20.5 cm x 28 cm (without allowances).
If you don't patchwork, please skip the next step.
How to make a bookcover 3
I sewed the two pieces of the outside, then open the allowance.

How to make a bookcover 4
I also added a piece of batten lace on it.

How to make a bookcover 5
I finished the outside.

How to make a bookcover 6
Then put a piece of cotton tape on the inside fabric. I used 2 cm wide tape, but if yours is different size, please put it 9cm from the side.
How to make a bookcover 7
Baste the tape on the allowance.

How to make a bookcover 8
Put the bookmark on the outside fabric(It's OK to put it on the inside fabric). This should be 20 cm from the pocket side. Please note that it should be on the top, not on the bottom.

How to make a bookcover 9
Then put the outside fabric on the inside fabric making the right side inside, and sew the side line of the pocket side.

How to make a bookcover 10
Sew the other side also.

How to make a bookcover 11
Go to the pocket side again. Fold the sewed line inside like the picture making the 6 cm pocket.

How to make a bookcover 12
How to make a bookcover 13
And sew the top and bottom line leaving the space to turn it out. I leave it at the bottom for 5-6 cm.

How to make a bookcover 14
Before turn it out, please cut extra allowances and the corners to make it sharp.

How to make a bookcover 15
Turn it out and close the space with blind stitch.

You did it!!!!!
How to make a bookcover 16
This is the outside,

How to make a bookcover 17
And this side is the inside.

It can hold such a thick book.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or e-mail me -> maimairuru(at)gmail(dot)com !

Thank you very much.

Aug 21, 2009

Sew Mama Sew and fabrics from a friend

Sarubobo frame 1
Last month, I wrote an article for the blog of Sew Mama Sew.

I made a frame with Sarubobo and applique, and wrote the tutorial.
They corrected my English, so it should be better than here (* v *)!!!!!
Sarubobo frame 2

And today, I got a package from my friend, Emishimosato.
Fabrics from EmiShimosato
There are lots of beautiful fabrics. I'm really happy with them. I love her works and my mother liked her pincushion very much. Thank you very much Emi!

Tomorrow, I send three packages. One is for her, EmiShimosato, and the other is for my mother. She wanted linen fabric for her pants, so I got some for her.
The last one is for a friend who sent me Sew Hip magazines. I got a book and made a bag for her.
It's fun to make a package for someone special, isn't it?
I'm also making some petit gifts for customers now. I like making small, tiny objects, so it's the most delightful time for me!

And I'm writing the instruction to make the book cover. I think I can post it soon!

Have a good day and good weekend for you all!

Aug 19, 2009


Shingen bukuro 1
From yesterday, I made four bags.
One is for my grandmother, and one is for a friend who gave me Sew Hip magazines (* v *)!!!!

This is a style of drawstring bag. It is usually for men.
I like the simplicity.
Shingen bukuro 1
This white one is for my grandmother. She wanted to have a drawstring bag.

Shingen bukuro 2
Shingen bukuro 2
This blue flower one is for my friend. I think it fits her.

Shingen bukuro 3
Shingen bukuro 4
These two are new items for my shop.
I made them with the fabrics what I got in the travel.
Japanese cotton
American cotton
I also got some American fabrics. Now I'm thinking what I make with them. It's the most pleasant time for me. But these days, I got too much fabrics... Seeing the piles of fabrics, I'm very very happy!

See you (* v *)!!!!!

Aug 18, 2009

My holiday with my family

I stayed at my parents house for 4 days.
I enjoyed the stay with my little niece, my grandmother and my parents cats (* v *).
The two cats are what my younger sister found on the street for about 10 years ago.
My parents cat, Milk.
The elder sister, Milk likes sitting on the computer, only when someone is using it.
This picture is when I and my mother were doing exercises watching Youtube. But she interrupted us..

Milk in the sun.
She likes sitting there, in the bathroom. Because of the sunshine, it is very good place to sleep.

Pucci in the sun
This is younger cat, Pucci. She is always sleeping...
My parents cat, Pucci.

My grandmother and my niece
They are my grandmother and my niece. My niece was wearing the pants what I made for her. It was a little big for her, so I made another pants during the stay.
My niece wearing pants what I made for her
These pants were what I made for her with the same pattern. It fits her well (* v *). I also made scrunchies for her hair.

A day, we went to an old style town.
A shopping street in Shiga
Beautiful street
There was a good shopping arcade and we enjoyed it very much.

We entered a cafe to take a rest and enjoyed their sweets.
These were made of rice and red bean paste.
The interior of the cafe was also good taste. It was lovely place.

A stream in the town
There was a little river in the town. The stream made us cool.

Old style umbrella shop
When I was walking my mother, I found an old style umbrella shop.
Petit umbrellas
There were beautiful little umbrellas. They all are made of wood and paper.

At the last day, we went a fair of foods.
There were lots of people and they were getting flowers.
A shopping arcade near my parents house
While my parents were getting some foods, I got some fabrics in a shop in the fair (* v *).

A temple
Then we went to a temple near the fair. It was very quiet.
Little niece in a temple
My niece wanted to wash her hands by herself, but it was difficult for her. She got all wet.

I enjoyed my stay with my family a lot, especially with my little niece and my grandmother.
Also, I could get some new fabrics in a small shop. The shop is really good for me. They sell a piece of half yard in 50 cents or so.
This time, I found a beautiful piece of Liberty! It also costed less than 50 cents. I jumped and looked for other pieces, but I couldn't find more.
I don't know how they get the fabrics, but it was treasure box for me.

Thank you very much for reading this long post! I should prepare the tutorial of book covers!!!!