Jun 28, 2010

New fabrics for me and Tomato

I went to Yuzawaya last week and got some new fabrics for me and Tomato.
Yuwa fabrics from YUZAWAYA
These Yuwa fabrics are for our skirts.

Check fabrics from YUZAWAYA
And these check fabrics are for our dresses. With the rest of the dresses, I want to sew an underwear for my husband (* v *). (He is too shy to wear similar clothes)

baby pants
Today I finished pants for Tomato and my sister's newborn boy. The purple one is for Tomato. They're from a pattern of a Japanese book.

baby pants
The flower printed white fabric is Japanese cotton double gauze. It's so soft.
I made my tunic with the yellow fabric several years ago and it's very comfortable. So I chose it for my sister's baby.

I'm doing well and my belly getting bigger and bigger(Even though I gained only 3 kg).
I'm thinking of healthy food every day. This is a lunch of a day.
Japanese dishes
Miso soup, dried fish, Japanese pickles, cooked pumpkin and rice. They are very Japanese dishes. I didn't use any oil for them so they are very light.
We enjoyed this lunch a lot but there is a problem.
These Japanese dishes has too much salt... Especially Miso soup and fish and pickles were very salty. So I cannot eat only Japanese style dishes.

See you (* v *)!!!!

Jun 23, 2010

Zipper pouch and rug

Petit gifts for my friends
Some people asked me about the patterns what I used for my previous post.
One is from kokka.
They have lots of cute patterns.

And the other one is from this blog.
The pattern is this PDF.
Please print it out in 200% scale.

I'm sorry they both are written in Japanese only...

These days I couldn't work so hard because of the heat, humidity and my big  belly. My tomato moves a lot and now weigh approx. 3.7 pounds (1700g) now.
Zipper pouch for diapers
I made a pouch to bring her diapers.
This is from a famous pattern in Japan.
Zipper pouch for diapers
I made one several years ago for my sister and liked the pattern.
At the bottom of this page, you can see the "START" button to see the how-to and the link to download the how-to and pattern.

I also made a small rug for my bath room with fabrics.
I ripped some fabrics into long strip and crocheted it. My hands got tired after the work but I liked it very much.

These are petit gifts for my friends from high school.
They are very simple and easy to make. I enjoyed choose the leather and fabrics thinking of them (* v *)!!!
Petit gifts for my friends
Petit gifts for my friends

Jun 14, 2010

New shirts for my baby

It began rainy season here. For about one month, it will rain a lot.

Shirts for my baby
I made three shirts for my Tomato.
These two shirts are from my and my husband's old shirts. When we were preparing our moving, we found lots of old clothes but couldn't throw them away. So I reserved them for remake.
They are soft because we used them for years, and so, good for baby (* v *).

Shirts for my baby
And this white shirt is from cotton waffle knit what I got at SWANY. I got a big piece of it, so now I think of what I make with it next.

For me, I made this potholder.
Pot holder
I put my old towel in it. I put batting in my old pot holders but as time goes, they got thinner. So this time I put double layer of thick bath towel.
Pot holder

These days I got lots of e-mails every day from all over the world. I'm replying them one by one, but I need long time to write emails in English... So please forgive my late reply. I'm really happy to talk with you through this blog and e-mails.

See you (* v *)!!!!
Pot holder

Jun 7, 2010

Kamakura, sea and beautiful Hydrangea

Yesterday we visited Kamakura. I love there because of the beach and some beautiful temples.

We went to the beach at first and took lunch (what I cooked in the morning). It was hot day and many people were enjoying in the sea.

Then we walked to Hase temple.
Hase temple

It's famous of Hydrangea. I love the flower a lot (* v *)!!!!
Hase temple, Hydrangea
Hase temple, Hydrangea

But the temple is in the mountain and I had to climb a lot to see them.
Hase temple, Hydrangea

This is the sight from the highest point. At the noon, we were at the beach over there... We walked a lot!
From Hase temple

My husband took lots of pictures to show Tomato in the future.
Hase temple, Hydrangea

I hope she likes the flowers as we do.
Hase temple, Hydrangea

We walked quite a lot so I took a nap after we got home.
When I woke up, I couldn't find my husband. He went out shopping for me.

It was a very happy day for me (* v *). We'll go to Kamakura again after the birth of Tomato.

Jun 2, 2010

Kimono style baby wear and baby quilt

Today I took a cooking class for pregnant women. (I forgot to bring my camera so I couldn't take any pictures.) Some women don't like celery but I love it a lot, so I ate six dishes(small dishes!) for them (* v *).
Green tea jelly
The picture is jelly of green tea. Sometimes I cook desert what my husband likes (* v *).

Oh, I finished the kimono style baby wear for my Tomato.
Kimono for my baby
When I started sewing it, I didn't know which gender my baby is, and I chose the fabric for Kimono for both genders.
Now I know my baby is a girl(maybe), so I made the belt with pink fabric (* v *).
Kimono for my baby

I also finished the baby quilt.
Baby quilt
I hand quilted it singing songs for Tomato (* v *). She will relax with it.
Baby quilt
Baby quilt
I appliqued an elephant and tulips on it.
Baby quilt

Then I made a small bird toy with a bell in it. I made it with cotton waffle knit fabric so it appeared a little strange shape...
Bird toy
I'll make some more toys for her.

Oh, now Tomato kicked strongly!!!! My due date is August 24th and now I'm at the beginning of 8th month.
Good night. (It's 23:30 in Japan now).
Bird toy