Aug 1, 2011

Two weeks after, she gets 1 year old!!!!

We are doing very well, happy and busy.
Miyu is very big now. But because of her weight, still she cannot move so much.

My mother sent me some pieces of beautiful fabric and I made a new shirt for Miyu.

Miyu with a new shirt what I made for her.

She is so cute in it!

I love it so much. So I made her swim suits with the same fabric.
Miyu in her swimwear
They were small and I could make them in several hours.

The boy is her friend. I like his cute face.
Miyu with her friend

After they played in the small pool, she got tired and slept well.
Miyu sleeping

These days her most favorite playing is drawing.
Miyu drawing

But she eats her crayon after drawing...
Miyu eating...

Everyday we go out and meet our friends. She likes playing with her friends and their mothers.
I'm very happy with her and Haru. They make me smile every day.

But I have a small problem.
Miyu likes my PC too much... So I cannot use it while she is awake.
My sewing and PC time is after she falls asleep...
Miyu likes my PC.