Apr 8, 2010

I'm sorry but I'm too busy for our moving...

I cannot write these days because of our moving to new apartment.
Yesterday I stopped my shop (x _ x)!!!!

We finally found our new apartment near here (15 minutes walk) and move to there in 3 weeks.
Now I'm packing most of my fabrics and books. I didn't know if I had so much fabrics...

Also we'll go to have a little party with our both families in two weeks.
Now we have lots of things to do.

So I think I cannot update this so much. I'm sorry.

Today I write about our last weekend. After seeing our new apartment, we enjoyed Cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms Festival
There was a festival by the river. Lots of boats were under the beautiful trees.
Cherry blossoms Festival
Many people enjoyed the beautiful pink colors. But it was too cold day so it didn't seem the festival of spring.

Cherry blossoms Festival
I love this small tree.

Cherry blossoms over the river
These trees are in another place, near Bo-chan.

Bo-chan was sleeping...

And I went to my doctor the day before yesterday. My Tomato was moving a lot! I like to see its moving. Now he/she is 0.8 pound, 360 g.
I didn't put any weight in this month, and expected the doctor's praise. But he instead told me not to gain in another month.
I'll eat healthy and walk a lot!

So,,, please forgive me if I cannot update this so often.

See you (* v *)!!!!