Oct 19, 2010

She is getting bigger

She is 2 months now.

We got some new items for her.
chamber pot
One is this chamber pot. I hold her on it soon after she wakes up or when she thrashes her arms and legs. I began to use it one week ago and I succeed four or five times a day.

My husband got it for her.
The next ones are books. My husband got a thick book with 365 short stories. It seems for older child, but Miyu likes listen to the stories. I've read more than 60 stories.
And we got some picture books for her too. She likes them too. But sometimes she doesn't look at them but my face.

These days she speaks to me a lot so I want to know what she tries to tell me. I live only for her. I don't have enough time to do anything else but I'm really happy now.
My husband helps me even though he comes back home by the last train usually. Every morning he washes her diapers.

Oh, I got one more thing, Swimava!

She likes it very much (* v *).