Apr 29, 2009

A special package from my friend in Malaysia

Yesterday, a package arrived from Malaysia. It's from my friend, Jacqueline!
I'm reading her blog and I knew that she made me a beautiful gift bag.
But there were more things that I didn't expected.
I was no word when I saw this pincushion!
From Jacqueline, Beautiful pincushion
I loved it very much when she wrote about it on her blog. I didn't think if it came to my house. Thank you Jacqueline.

And the bag what I asked her to put her beautiful heart on it. She hand embroidered pretty flowers on the edge, it is just neat and beautiful!
From Jacqueline, beautiful gift bag
From Jacqueline, beautiful gift bag

On the front, it has a big part of lace what she made by hand!
From Jacqueline, beautiful gift bag

There were also her pretty elephant coasters and lots of beautiful laces.
And I already enjoyed this chinese tea with my boyfriend.
From Jacqueline, Chinese tea
I love this Tekkannon very much! The flavor is excellent! Also, I love the cute package very much.

Thank you very much for Jacqueline.
I'm really happy (* v *)!!!!

Apr 25, 2009

I have lots of idea !!!!!

Two new ideas came up to my head and I made them yesterday. It rained a lot yesterday, so I couldn't go out and I had lots of time to play with fabrics.

Onigiriman pouch
Onigiriman pouch
The one is onigiriman(rice ball man) pouch, which my boyfriend named from the shape.
I got the white fabric in an online shop with very low price (* v *). It's very good fabric with Sashiko embroidery thread.
Onigiriman pouch

The other one is a cat pouch. I imaged it while I was sleeping and as soon as I got up, I drew the pattern.
Sitting cat pouch
Sitting cat pouch
I liked the shape very much.
I'm happy with this fine quality fabric to sew.
Sitting cat pouch

Oh, I used American cotton on this pouch which my friend, Emishimosato sent me.
Onigiriman pouch
Thank you very much !!!!!

Now, I'm making new pattern of coasters. Today, it's very windy day, so maybe I don't go out...

Apr 23, 2009

Wow, Front page again!

I'm happy to find it.
Thank you very much to http://www.craftcult.com !!!!!

My new patchwork furoshiki

Patchwork furoshiki
Today I made new furoshiki with my favorite fabrics.
I love these three thin fabrics.
I cut and sew each small piece one by one.
After I finished the patchwork, I began to make bias tape with the same fabrics.
It is time consuming work, but it's also my favorite work.
(Yesterday, I made four patchwork bias tapes.)
Patchwork furoshiki

Then, I finished the furoshiki. I worked more than four hours for this, talking with my boyfriend (* v *).
Patchwork furoshiki

After I made the furoshiki, I made a new pouch. Maybe everyday I sew more than 6 hours. I'm really happy to have such long time to sew!
Fish pouch
Fish pouch
Fish pouch

Apr 22, 2009

My short trip for Shizuoka

Last weekend, I and my boyfriend went to the west, to meet my parents.
They live about 600 km far to the west from me, and they came to the east to see us.

We went to a restaurant to eat eel, one of my favorite Japanese food.
They have three types of menu, regular, deluxe and super deluxe.
I and my mother chose the deluxe, and my father and my boyfriend chose the regular dish, like always. (* v *)

After we enjoyed the lunch, we walked around the town.
There were big shrine and in the shrine, lots of flowers were in bloom.

There were also lots of deers. They were taking the sun.

I found lots of dandelions under a big tree.

Then we went to the port. I love the sea.

Also, I could see the Mt. Fuji.

I enjoyed the trip with my family and my boyfriend.

Apr 17, 2009

A cat eating a fish pouch

cat pouches
I made this pattern several months ago. I like the idea and I could sell them soon after I listed them on my shop.
But I didn't make them so many, because it's hard to make them... I'm looking for better way to make this pouch, but I cannot find it.
A cat is eating a fish pouch 1

Today I made three of the pouches for the custom order. She wants only one, but I didn't know her preferences so I made these three.
A cat is eating a fish pouch 2
One is new one, A rabbit eating a carrot pouch.
A rabbit is eating a carrot pouch 1

I hope she likes one of them, or, I'll make other ones.
These days, I'm so busy with some custom orders. But they make me really happy. It's fun to make something imagining customers face.

Apr 15, 2009

My love letter pouch is on the ETSY frontpage!

I found now.
I'm happy (* v *)

Apr 13, 2009

Today's my shopping in a craft shop

My shopping in craft shop
My second shopping list. The first one in a super market is this.

I got Dualduty quilting thread in approx. 3.5 dollars, and 6 snaps in 1.5 dollars.

My shopping in craft shop
I found a pretty green fabrics with lots of frogs.
It costs 6 dollars per meter.

My shopping in craft shop
And thin batting(poly) and adhesive interlining. Each costs 4.5 dollars per meter.

That's all. I wanted to get more fabrics, but my boyfriend was waiting for me in a bookstore next to the craft shop.
I want to go shopping by myself sometimes, but we both have no joys currently, so he always accompanies with me. It's OK but sometimes, I need much time...

Oh, and the day before yesterday, I got one fabric in flea market.
It costs only 3 dollars for 5 meters! The flower print is beautiful but it's old and a little yellowed.
I used the fabric on my new pouch. I love this!
Love letter pouch

Apr 12, 2009

Flower festival in Yokohama

This weekend, I went to a flower festival in Yokohama, about 30 minutes walk from my apartment.
Sakura Cherry blossoms
It was a very sunny day and there were some Sakura blossoms still. Maybe it's the last weekend when we can see Sakura blossoms in Yokohama.

Flower festival in Yokohama
There were another beautiful pink flowers on the way. I don't know how to call them in English...

Flower festival in Yokohama
The festival was held in the park of Yokohama Red-brick Warehouse, by the sea.
In the warehouse, there are lots of shops and restaurants. It's beautiful space for shopping and eating, but a little expensive.
Flower festival in Yokohama

Flower festival in Yokohama
So I enjoyed only flowers.
Also, many people enjoyed them. Sitting by the flowers and drinking bottled juices instead of expensive restaurants.

My favorite flower is this!
Flower festival in Yokohama

After the festival, we went a donut shop near the warehouse, and took a rest with delicious Hawaiian donuts.
Hawaiian Donuts shop Leonard's in Yokohama

It was very beautiful weekend for me.
But after 4 hours walk, we got too tired and slept a lot.
Flower festival in Yokohama

Apr 9, 2009

Applique with Fusible Web or adhesive interlining

In my past post, http://mairuru.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-make-oval-fabric-tray.html, I wrote my way to applique with adhesive interlining.

After that, Emi in USA told me about fusible web and sent it to me.
Fusible Web

She also sent a piece of American adhesive interlining.
So I tried to compare of applique with them and my Japanese adhesive interlining.
They all bonds with an iron.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
From the right, Japanese interlining, American fusible web and American interlining.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
(1)Fusible web(American): It bonds two fabrics. It's more stickily than others.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
(2)Adhesive interlining(American): It bonds only applique fabric, and sew it on the main fabric.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
(3)Adhesive interlining(Japanese): I usually use this. It's thinner than (2).

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
I cut them in small pieces for applique. I made a cat pattern for this test.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
Then I ironed them on the fabric for applique and cut them.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
And I ironed the one of fusible web on the main fabric. I used interlining for others, so I should sew them on the main fabric.

Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
I sewed them all. At this point, the cats of interlining are little frayed.
Again, from the right, Japanese interlining, Fusible web and American interlining. The fusible web cat is very thin so I can see the main fabric through the applique.

Then I made it as a coaster, and washed it once to check if they fray.
Cat applique coaster, Comparing Fusible web/interlining(Japanese, American)
This is a picture what I took after washed. The center cat(fusible web) didn't fray at all and the others frayed a little.

For conclusion, I'd like to use fusible web for the applique what I want to make neat. And I think it's better to use thick fabric for the applique.
I use interlining for what I don't mind a little fraying, and I want some thickness, or I want to make primitive one.

It's difficult to express in my poor English...

Thanks to Emi, I could compare them.
And she also sent me beautiful American cotton fabrics. Thank you!
American cotton fabrics from my friend