Jul 30, 2010

Bed rest...

Curry rice
The day after I post the previous article, I went to the doctor.
I and the baby are doing well but I'm threatened premature delivery so the doctor told me to stay on the bed all the day...
Then I stay on the bed(actually Japanese futon) almost all the day. My husband cooks or gets food for me(The pictures are what he cooked for me these days).
Yesterday I went to the doctor again and they told me it's OK now. I'm still with Tomato in my belly. Now she gets more than 2500 g and we are at 36th week now.
Because of these days, I could enjoy my time with Tomato every day. I always feel her moving.
I thank my husband very much. Whenever he comes back from his hard work, he says to me "Thank you very much for doing well with Tomato". I'm happier to hear it than what he does for me.

I got many e-mails and comments from you and they cheer me up. I'm sorry for my late reply but I always thank you very much.
I'm sorry if I cannot write for a while after I give birth.

Mai (* v *)!!!!

Jul 20, 2010

Beautiful gifts and a baby blanket

These days I got some beautiful gifts from other countries.
One is a beautiful rebozo from a customer in the U.S. It's a beautiful fabric to carry a baby.
I'm learning how to use it watching youtube video.

A package from Macedonia
And I got a beautiful package from Macedonia. The parcel is decorated with beautiful flower printed fabric pieces (* v *).
A package from Macedonia
I found beautiful scarves, bird shaped toy and a beautiful card.
A package from Macedonia
I love the patterns on the scarves. They are so cute.
I'm thinking how I use these beautiful scarves. I'd like to use them for my Tomato.

I'm too happy to get such beautiful things from people who I met through this blog and my shop. All I can do is to continue this blog and my shop as long as possible.
Thank you very much again (* v *)!!!!

Blanket for my baby
These days it's too hot and I cannot work a lot. But I made a cotton blanket for my Tomato. It's made out of Japanese cotton double gauze and it's so soft and light.
Blanket for my baby

I'll be 10th months pregnant next week. I had almost no trouble till now (* v *).
But when I went out for a walk in the very hot afternoon(2 hours walk), I felt sick. It was too hard for me...
After that I go for a shopping in the early morning or evening.

I enjoy the last month of pregnancy with my big belly.
See you (* v *)!!!!
Blanket for my baby

Jul 8, 2010

For sweat on the back

Japanese red basil drink
Today I went to the doctor. Now I'm on 33th week and we're doing very well.

I made these pads for the back for Tomato(my baby).
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

I don't know how to call it in English... It's famous in Japan and I made them with a pattern of a crafter's blog.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

You can download the pattern from this link.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

I made it with cotton double gauze(double layer) and a little piece of cotton for the collar.
I'll put it in the back of the baby leaving the collar outside. And after the baby sweat a lot, I can remove it just pulling the collar.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

And I sewed some new bibs for her too.
Baby bibs
I have only a small piece of cotton waffle fabric so I should have put other cotton.
Baby bibs

Last weekend I went to Tokyo to see my friends of high school.
They gave me a set of this glass as a wedding gift. The red drink inside is what I made with Japanese red basil. It's very good for me because it has much Calcium, Kalium, Vitamin etc...

It's getting hotter and hotter these days, but I move well and sew more items for my baby (* v *)!!!!
See you!