Jan 26, 2018

Handmade recipe, How to make an easy add on pocket

I wonder why girl's clothes don't have pockets usually. Most of pants have pockets, but skirts and dresses don't have them.
So my daughter cannot bring her hankies as they are.

So I tried several ideas and introduce you one of them, easy add on pocket.

It's easy to make and useful.

Here is what you need to make a pocket.

This picture shows the process briefly.

Let's start with pictures. Here are what I prepareed for a pocket. The smallert pieces are cotton tapes.

Fold cotton tapes in two and sew them on the top of the outer fabric.

Then, layer two fabric pieces right sides inside and sew the top and bottom edges leaving an opening at the bottom.

Refold it like the picture below and sew both  sides, the upper edge of the picture and the lower edge.

Turn it out from the opening.

And sew around the upper edge. You finished make a pocket!

It'll be reversible.

I put one on my daughter's dress what she puts when she goes to school.

I'm happy if you like this idea and it helps your daughter!
See you.

Jan 22, 2018

The reverse pattern

Today I enjoyed reverse patterns of Kogin embroidery.

The right one is a pattern I found on a Kogin book. And the navy one is of the reversed pattern. They seem to be different patterns.

Here is another pattern which my friend found at Pinterest.

These are earrings of dot pattern.

And this brooch is of reversed dot pattern.

The reverse patterns are also beautiful!

Jan 19, 2018

How to make a Kogin embroidery bow

Now, let's try Kogin embroidery!
With this recipe, you can make a bow with a very simple Kogin embroidery.

This is a very simple, easy pattern.

For one bow, you need these items.

1.  a piece of 13cm x 6cm embroidery cloth, AIDA etc.
  I use 18ct cotton cloth for cross stitch.

2.  Embroidery thread. I use it for Kogin, but you can use DMC No. 25 embroidery thread also.

3. Needles for cross stitch.

That's all. Let's start.

  1. Start from the center line. Leave 3cm from the right edge, sew a line.
  2.  When you finished one line, go to next one. For this pattern, you only have to count 4, 2, 4, 2, ...  

  3. When you finish one thread, put the rest through the sewed line and cut it.

  4. When you finished Kogin embroidery, make the bow shape. At first, fold the upper and below edge.

  5. Then fold the side edges to the center, and sew it.

  6. Then, tie the center.

  7. Tie the center again with the embroidery thread.

  8. Put a pin on the back for a brooch, or hair elastic for a pony.

This is a very simple and easy recipe.
I'm happy if you want to try it.

Jan 17, 2018

Kogin embroidered barrette

I wanted to make Kogin embroidered barrette but couldn't design and didn't have ideas to attach on the barrette parts.

But last night I came up with the design and idea, and one hour later, I finished making them.

But I made a mistake on the red one. The embroidery is a little different with the others...

Did you find it?

Jan 14, 2018

Too many ideas come to me ...


Almost every day, I make something new.

Because I'd like to sell them on my ETSY shop, I have to take pictures and  make listings. But I prefer making new one to shop preparation.

Now I like designing of Kogin embroidery.
Next idea is already in my head.

I hope You'll like my new ideas!

Jan 10, 2018

An easy way to put a pin on felt.

I and my friends give handmade lessons to women and kids.
The preparation is hard , but fun. We three have different ideas, so the discussions cause us brilliant ideas sometimes.
This is one of them. We use the way when we make brooch with rosette or Kogin.

I used to sew a pin on a piece of felt.
With the way , you don't have to use needles.
Today I made an Onigiri brooch.

You only have to cut it twice.

Then put the pin through it.

We use a bonding adhesive or  a grue gun to attach on the back.

With the same way, I put a pin on a Kogin ribbon.

I hope this article helps you.

Jan 8, 2018

My daughter and my son

A happy new year!

My daughter is 7 years old now.
She always makes something cute with me.

The yellow one is what she made for me. 
Because Kogin embroidery is easy to begin, she made it in harf an hour.

My son is 2 years old now. He also likes my works.
They both are my treasures!