Dec 21, 2009

My new fabrics and lots of bias tapes

Today I got some linen fabrics and cotton / wool fabrics.
Japanese linen fabrics
I like the purple linen and am thinking of what I make with it. The color is very clear and beautiful.

My new fabrics
I'd like to make some bags or pouches with them.

Before I got them, I made these bias tapes.
Bias tapes
I have too much fabric stash now, so I made them.

Bias tapes
It's fun to think of the combination of the fabrics. I opened stash boxes one by one, and enjoyed picking up fabrics.

Rabbit key holder
They are key chains what I made several days before.
I used my favorite linen and cotton fabrics. And also, I put my leather scraps to put the chains.

Rabbit key holder
Their backs are of my favorite cotton.

Rabbit key holder
I hand embroidered their faces with Sashiko thread. It's good on the linen.

I'm still sleepy after my jogging/walking. But I'm enjoying both jogging and hand sewing every day.
Almost every morning I meet Bo-chan and he is doing well. But he still eats ice cubes, and it makes me worried. But when I asked his owners about it, they told me that he doesn't drink water at all and only eats ice.
If it snows, he would eat it... ???

Dec 17, 2009

My new phone cases

I made new phone cases with the straps what I wrote in the previous post.
I wanted to show them like cat's tail (* v *)!!!!!

Cat phone case

I sewed the one end of the strap and put a button on the other side. So you can hang them in your bag(from the handle).
Cat phone case

I also put a pocket on the back.
Cat phone case, Brown linen

I hand embroidered their face with Sashiko thread.
Cat phone case, Black check wool

Cat phone case, Black linen
I used my favorite fabrics and buttons, so I enjoyed making them a lot.
When you use your favorite materials, don't you feel happy? These days, I'm happy to sew linen and wool fabrics.

I'll list them on my ETSY shop (* v *)!!!!
See you !
Cat phone case, Black check wool

Dec 15, 2009

My new way to make a handle

I'm thinking of making new pouches for my shop.
And I tried to make a new style of handle.
My new handles
I used the cotton strips what I made before. It was too easy...

My way to make a handle 1
I prepared only a piece of cotton cord and some kinds of cotton strips.

My way to make a handle 2
I folded the cord in half and wrap it with a cotton strip leaving 1 inch.

My way to make a handle 3
I changed the color at a point. I didn't sew at all, just covered on the previous strip and went back a little.

My way to make a handle 4
I sewed only the end. That's all!
My new handles
I'll sew this end on my new pouch and put a button on the pouch and use the loop with it(Could I explain well ... ??????).

My new handles
I also made these two for a bag. I'll put them with buttons. For them, I doubled the cotton cord.

Next time, I'll show you my new pouches (* v *)!!!!

Have a good day!

Dec 12, 2009

How to make a hana coaster

I made these flower coasters these days.
Hana coaster
I made them with Japanese cotton and linen fabrics. I put low profile batting in the body and stuffing in the center circle.

This is the way how I made them.

At first, I made two patterns for flower and the center circle.
How to make a hana coaster 1
The flower measures approx. 4.5 inches square. I usually handwrite patterns on recycled paper(* v *). The center circle pattern should be with thick paper to make the applique better.

How to make a hana coaster 2
I cut the fabrics as the patterns plus 0.5 inches allowance. One circle, two flowers and a batting as the size of the flower(I cut it roughly).

Make the center circle.
How to make a hana coaster 3
Sew the edge line roughly with running stitch. And put the circle pattern on it and pull the thread.

How to make a hana coaster 4
Make the circle shape and iron it. Then, remove the pattern.

How to make a hana coaster 5
Put the circle on the linen fabric and sew them together using blind stitch leaving a space to put stuffing.

How to make a hana coaster 6
I left 1-1.25 inches space.

How to make a hana coaster 7
Put the stuffing from the opening.

How to make a hana coaster 8
Close the opening using blind stitch. I'm sorry but I put too much stuffing in this and I cannot put my cup on the coaster stable. So I took away some stuffing after.

How to make a hana coaster 9
Put them like the picture, batting, top fabric(making the right side up) and the under fabric(making the right side downward).

How to make a hana coaster 10
Then sew the pattern line leaving 1.5 inches space to turn it out. And cut a little the five pitted areas(See the picture).
How to make a hana coaster 11

How to make a hana coaster 12
Turn it out.

How to make a hana coaster 13
And close the opening with blind stitch.

How to make a hana coaster 14
Stitch on it with Sashiko cotton embroidery thread. It's a thick thread so I used only one thread. I used running stitch around the circle.

How to make a hana coaster 15
And I used whipstitch on the edge.
I finished it!
Hana coaster
Now I know I cannot put too much stuffing in the center circle (* v *).

I made these charms too. They are the petit gifts for my customers.
Petit gift for customers

Have a good weekend (* v *)!!!!

Dec 9, 2009

Sunday jogging in a park

Sunday jogging in a park
We went to a park by bus on Sunday for my jogging.
My boyfriend doesn't want to run, so he went there to take some pictures.
It was a beautiful day and good for both jogging and taking photo.
Sunday jogging in a park

Soon after we arrived at the park, I began walking and jogging and he began taking pictures.
Sunday jogging in a park

He especially liked colored leaves.
Sunday jogging in a park

And people. There were lots of people enjoying the park.
Sunday jogging in a park

He took lots of pictures of this leaf from spider silk many times. I like this picture the best.
Sunday jogging in a park

For me, this park is very hard because it is hilly. Near my house most of streets are flat and I don't get used to it... It made my legs tired soon.

But the scenes were so beautiful that I felt great while running.
Sunday jogging in a park

After my jogging, we walked in the park together and enjoyed our Sunday (* v *).
Sunday jogging in a park

We found a beautiful old building in the end of the park. It was just beautiful.
Sunday jogging in a park

After we enjoyed the park, we walked to a town to take dinner.
I ordered this high-calorie dish...
Dinner after jogging

I like chicken, cheese and demiglace very much, so I couldn't help without ordering it...

I enjoy jogging (* v *)!!!!
I met a cat after jogging

Dec 4, 2009

Crochet with fabric tapes

Fabric tapes
Yesterday I made some fabric tapes.
I only cut fabric in 1cm strips width with rotary cutter knife. At the each end I leave 1cm to make long tape.
Sakiori, Fabric tape

I made it with some colors and made up these items.
Items from fabric tapes

At first, I made these brooches.
Bow brooch with a button
I only folded some colors of tapes together on a piece of thick paper(of the width of bow), made the shape of bow, sewed the center and put a button.
Bow brooch with a button
Then I put a pin on the back. Is it too easy... ?

Fabric crochet pot holder
I also hand crocheted this potholder with single crochet.
It's also easy but I didn't crochet recently so I took long time...
Fabric crochet pot holder

Fabric crochet scrunchie
At the last I made this scrunchie.
I hand crocheted the fabric tapes on a looped elastic. But the elastic was too long and I took long time for it too.
Fabric crochet scrunchie

But I made them all in one day (* v *)!!!!
Because it rained, I didn't run yesterday and could enjoy making them.

Thank you for advices for me. I enjoy my jogging and my hand craft.