Feb 22, 2011

Baby massage

Baby massage
We take baby massage lesson once a month and I massage her every day.
She likes it very much. When I massage her on her sole, she relaxes and smiles a lot.

I began Yoga with the same teacher of the baby massage. During my lesson, Miyu lies by me and watches me. When she cries, I should carry her. So I cannot do all of the poses... But because of thelessons, now I could lose weight (* v *)!!!!

Dolls for girl's festival
These are the dolls for girl's festival, at the 3rd March. My parents got them for Miyu.
In Japan most of girls have one set at her first year. We display it for about one month till the day.

Now I'm thinking of sewing her a new diaper cover.
Last week, we met some mothers who use cloth diapers and are trying EC. They have cute handmade covers and they stir me up.
I couldn't take any pictures at that time but I'll post about them after our second meeting.
Miyu, crying...
See you!!!!!