Dec 13, 2010

Her potty & diaper life

Miyu and her diapers
Do you know EC (Elimination Communication)?
I'm trying "omutsu-nashi ikuji" and it's like EC.

I first began it at her first month. At first I let her free from diapers, but not always, only when I could see her. Put cloth diaper under her hip and see how and when(how often) she eliminates.

Then I got a chamber pot and when I notice her sign (move, crying etc...) I put her on it.
From the first time, she could pee. At her second day with the potty, she did a poo three times in it.

Miyu and me
Now she uses paper diapers when she goes out and sleeps, cloth diapers at the daytime and the chamber pot 5-7 times a day. Because it's so cold, she doesn't want to sit on it so often these days. But every morning, she does a poo in it soon after she wakes up.

I enjoy it very much. Because of it, I can communicate with her more deeply. I have less diapewrs to wash. Usually I have no diapers with a poo.

Now my mother knits her diaper covers and wool soakers (* v *)!

Today we took a class of baby massage and Yoga. We enjoyed it for two hours and now she sleeps on my lap.
Miyu on the ground

She likes the sea.
Miyu by the Yokohama bay