Nov 18, 2008

A cat eating a fish pouch

I thought this design while I was studying. Suddenly I came up with the idea, and soon I went to the nearest sewing shop to get some zippers.

But I had to take 2 exam this weekend, I had little time to sew it. So, I could make only one last week.
I listed it up soon, and happily a customer got it soon. Thank you!!!!

After the exam, I made two new ones.
Now, I'm thinking other ideas of this kind of pouch. I want to make some frogs, but I cannot immagine how I do with the end of the zipper...

It's fun to think new ideas!

The exam is for certification of bookkeeping. I like reading books and studying something, and I didn't know much about money. So I studied bookkeeping at first.


Donna said...

So cute and very clever!

Linda said...

Its a lovely pouch, no wonder it sold fast! best wishes for the exam. x

mairuru said...

Hello Donna and Lin,
Thank you so much! Now, I'm making them with dot printed fabrics.

My exam would pass(Maybe...)! I checked the answers and it was perfect!
Thank you!

meyer said...

hello mai, the cat and fish is fabulous! very funny and clever. I love the inside of the cats mouth, too. looking forward to see more.

mairuru said...

Hello Annie,
Thank you very much! Imade more those pouches and today, I made a new pouch!

Anonymous said...

ahh!! i love so much!! so cute!! > <

Olivia_p said...

wow, wonderful idea

Anonymous said...

I like this. You are someone who makes use of her ideas very quickly. Good for you. You inspire me

Unknown said...

Muito lindo, quero tentar fazer mas não tenho o molde, vou tentar mesmo assim depois te mostro como ficou.Bjs

Antje said...

Wonderful! This little pouch is so cute!! Many greetings from germany.

Liten Lucky said...


Anonymous said...

For frogs, I would only have one end of the zipper stick out. A pink zipper like a tongue, with a fly stuck on the end. Your cats are so cute!

consejo comprar yate said...

For my part everybody ought to glance at this.

Uli said...

very funny! I will sew something like this for a little girl.
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Love it! As for the Frog one you are planning - how about a dragonfly zipper? ...wings poking out one side of the frogs mouth and the end of its body poking out the other side.

Jordycaes said...

please make these again!

Maïté said...

Can you please make a tutorial? I would love to make this! :) Please answer :D I love it!!

Anonymous said...

can you PLEASE do a tutorial on this!!! :D

Nanette said...

Very cute and such a good idea! What price are you selling them for? A frog would be cute too...

RanaMama said...

Well, the only problem with this.........
that it was NOT my idea!!! ;) :D
It is simply gorgeous, you are a genius!

neece said...

How about a dog with a bone?
Or a house with the green zipper as grass and a little plant in a pot each side?
Or a little shop window with a zipper road in front and 2 cars? you have got the ideas flowing!!!....I'll have to go and make one!!!

Unknown said...

very beautiful this pouches , you can publish full-size mold?


Beatriz Helena

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!!!! :)

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Hi. I just found your lovely blog!! I also would LOVE a tutorial on how you made this?? Please???

Anonymous said...

What a great project. Still figuring out how you put the zipper in...

Mom On the Move said...

This is adorable!!

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