Dec 13, 2010

Her potty & diaper life

Miyu and her diapers
Do you know EC (Elimination Communication)?
I'm trying "omutsu-nashi ikuji" and it's like EC.

I first began it at her first month. At first I let her free from diapers, but not always, only when I could see her. Put cloth diaper under her hip and see how and when(how often) she eliminates.

Then I got a chamber pot and when I notice her sign (move, crying etc...) I put her on it.
From the first time, she could pee. At her second day with the potty, she did a poo three times in it.

Miyu and me
Now she uses paper diapers when she goes out and sleeps, cloth diapers at the daytime and the chamber pot 5-7 times a day. Because it's so cold, she doesn't want to sit on it so often these days. But every morning, she does a poo in it soon after she wakes up.

I enjoy it very much. Because of it, I can communicate with her more deeply. I have less diapewrs to wash. Usually I have no diapers with a poo.

Now my mother knits her diaper covers and wool soakers (* v *)!

Today we took a class of baby massage and Yoga. We enjoyed it for two hours and now she sleeps on my lap.
Miyu on the ground

She likes the sea.
Miyu by the Yokohama bay

Nov 29, 2010

Miyu met Bo-chan

Miyu and Bo-chan
Two weeks ago we went to Bo-chan with Miyu.
It was cold day but the door was opened.
He was at the entrance with his owner and we could show Miyu to them.

Bo-chan was fine(* v *)!!!!

We also went to our favorite Yakiniku restaurant.
They held Miyu and she laughed at them.
I love this restaurant very much so I enjoyed dishes and the conversation with them.

Miyu using chamber pot
This is the picture when Miyu used her chamber pot.
These days, she uses it soon after she wakes up. If I don't put her on it, she doesn't suck the breast.
When she finishes, I wash it and come back to her. She always smiles at me seeing the clean chamber pot.
Then her new day begins.

She likes playing with my Sarubobo mobile.
playing with Sarubobo mobile

Nov 4, 2010

My PC has broken...

I broke my MacBook 2 weeks ago.
I like it but the repare cost is too high. I can get new PC with it.
So I'm looking for new one now.
I'm writing this post using my husband's PC.

Miyu and I caught cold these days, but were doing well.
This weekend her grandparents come to see her. We should get better by then.

Miyu grows very well.
Now she smiles and talk to me a lot.
We go to a place where babies and mothers of the same area meet and play together.
It's a good place for me because I don't have friends who have baby near me.
It's also a good place for Miyu. She can only stay there but she watches other babies all the time curiously.

About the chamber pot, every morning she gets up earlier than us and uses her chamber pot at first (* v *)!!!!
In the daytime, I can notice her sign only 5-6 times a day.

When I get new PC, I'll show you some recent pictures.

See you!!!!

Oct 19, 2010

She is getting bigger

She is 2 months now.

We got some new items for her.
chamber pot
One is this chamber pot. I hold her on it soon after she wakes up or when she thrashes her arms and legs. I began to use it one week ago and I succeed four or five times a day.

My husband got it for her.
The next ones are books. My husband got a thick book with 365 short stories. It seems for older child, but Miyu likes listen to the stories. I've read more than 60 stories.
And we got some picture books for her too. She likes them too. But sometimes she doesn't look at them but my face.

These days she speaks to me a lot so I want to know what she tries to tell me. I live only for her. I don't have enough time to do anything else but I'm really happy now.
My husband helps me even though he comes back home by the last train usually. Every morning he washes her diapers.

Oh, I got one more thing, Swimava!

She likes it very much (* v *).

Sep 30, 2010

Her name is Miyu

My baby (* v *)!!!!
She is Miyu. We decided her name 5 days after her birth.
I love this wear very much. It's a gift from a reader, thank you very much.

Dresses for Miyu
These are what I sewed for her.
Vest and pants for Miyu
A vest and pants.
Dresses for Miyu
And dresses.

They all are from a sewing book.
The patterns are simple and beautiful. I love the book.

Today she cried a lot and I wrapped her in the blanket what I made for her. She likes this style.
My baby (* v *)!!!!
See you!

Sep 15, 2010

Thank you very much for your comments!

My little tomato
I'm very happy with my little Tomato.
She eats very well and is getting bigger every day.

Sarubobo mobile for my little Tomato
This is a mobile what I made for her before her birth.

I also sewed some dresses for her. Next time, I'll show them.

I'm sorry for my short post...
Sarubobo mobile for my little Tomato

Sep 2, 2010

She is here!!!!

Tomato !!!!
Tomato is here now!
She was born on August 18, 2 hours after I felt the first weak pain on my bed. It was so quick and easy delivery!

Now I'm busy with her so I cannot post for a while. But we both are very happy and doing well.
Thank you very much for you all!
See you (* v *)!!!!

Jul 30, 2010

Bed rest...

Curry rice
The day after I post the previous article, I went to the doctor.
I and the baby are doing well but I'm threatened premature delivery so the doctor told me to stay on the bed all the day...
Then I stay on the bed(actually Japanese futon) almost all the day. My husband cooks or gets food for me(The pictures are what he cooked for me these days).
Yesterday I went to the doctor again and they told me it's OK now. I'm still with Tomato in my belly. Now she gets more than 2500 g and we are at 36th week now.
Because of these days, I could enjoy my time with Tomato every day. I always feel her moving.
I thank my husband very much. Whenever he comes back from his hard work, he says to me "Thank you very much for doing well with Tomato". I'm happier to hear it than what he does for me.

I got many e-mails and comments from you and they cheer me up. I'm sorry for my late reply but I always thank you very much.
I'm sorry if I cannot write for a while after I give birth.

Mai (* v *)!!!!

Jul 20, 2010

Beautiful gifts and a baby blanket

These days I got some beautiful gifts from other countries.
One is a beautiful rebozo from a customer in the U.S. It's a beautiful fabric to carry a baby.
I'm learning how to use it watching youtube video.

A package from Macedonia
And I got a beautiful package from Macedonia. The parcel is decorated with beautiful flower printed fabric pieces (* v *).
A package from Macedonia
I found beautiful scarves, bird shaped toy and a beautiful card.
A package from Macedonia
I love the patterns on the scarves. They are so cute.
I'm thinking how I use these beautiful scarves. I'd like to use them for my Tomato.

I'm too happy to get such beautiful things from people who I met through this blog and my shop. All I can do is to continue this blog and my shop as long as possible.
Thank you very much again (* v *)!!!!

Blanket for my baby
These days it's too hot and I cannot work a lot. But I made a cotton blanket for my Tomato. It's made out of Japanese cotton double gauze and it's so soft and light.
Blanket for my baby

I'll be 10th months pregnant next week. I had almost no trouble till now (* v *).
But when I went out for a walk in the very hot afternoon(2 hours walk), I felt sick. It was too hard for me...
After that I go for a shopping in the early morning or evening.

I enjoy the last month of pregnancy with my big belly.
See you (* v *)!!!!
Blanket for my baby

Jul 8, 2010

For sweat on the back

Japanese red basil drink
Today I went to the doctor. Now I'm on 33th week and we're doing very well.

I made these pads for the back for Tomato(my baby).
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

I don't know how to call it in English... It's famous in Japan and I made them with a pattern of a crafter's blog.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

You can download the pattern from this link.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

I made it with cotton double gauze(double layer) and a little piece of cotton for the collar.
I'll put it in the back of the baby leaving the collar outside. And after the baby sweat a lot, I can remove it just pulling the collar.
Pad for sweat on the back (baby)

And I sewed some new bibs for her too.
Baby bibs
I have only a small piece of cotton waffle fabric so I should have put other cotton.
Baby bibs

Last weekend I went to Tokyo to see my friends of high school.
They gave me a set of this glass as a wedding gift. The red drink inside is what I made with Japanese red basil. It's very good for me because it has much Calcium, Kalium, Vitamin etc...

It's getting hotter and hotter these days, but I move well and sew more items for my baby (* v *)!!!!
See you!

Jun 28, 2010

New fabrics for me and Tomato

I went to Yuzawaya last week and got some new fabrics for me and Tomato.
Yuwa fabrics from YUZAWAYA
These Yuwa fabrics are for our skirts.

Check fabrics from YUZAWAYA
And these check fabrics are for our dresses. With the rest of the dresses, I want to sew an underwear for my husband (* v *). (He is too shy to wear similar clothes)

baby pants
Today I finished pants for Tomato and my sister's newborn boy. The purple one is for Tomato. They're from a pattern of a Japanese book.

baby pants
The flower printed white fabric is Japanese cotton double gauze. It's so soft.
I made my tunic with the yellow fabric several years ago and it's very comfortable. So I chose it for my sister's baby.

I'm doing well and my belly getting bigger and bigger(Even though I gained only 3 kg).
I'm thinking of healthy food every day. This is a lunch of a day.
Japanese dishes
Miso soup, dried fish, Japanese pickles, cooked pumpkin and rice. They are very Japanese dishes. I didn't use any oil for them so they are very light.
We enjoyed this lunch a lot but there is a problem.
These Japanese dishes has too much salt... Especially Miso soup and fish and pickles were very salty. So I cannot eat only Japanese style dishes.

See you (* v *)!!!!

Jun 23, 2010

Zipper pouch and rug

Petit gifts for my friends
Some people asked me about the patterns what I used for my previous post.
One is from kokka.
They have lots of cute patterns.

And the other one is from this blog.
The pattern is this PDF.
Please print it out in 200% scale.

I'm sorry they both are written in Japanese only...

These days I couldn't work so hard because of the heat, humidity and my big  belly. My tomato moves a lot and now weigh approx. 3.7 pounds (1700g) now.
Zipper pouch for diapers
I made a pouch to bring her diapers.
This is from a famous pattern in Japan.
Zipper pouch for diapers
I made one several years ago for my sister and liked the pattern.
At the bottom of this page, you can see the "START" button to see the how-to and the link to download the how-to and pattern.

I also made a small rug for my bath room with fabrics.
I ripped some fabrics into long strip and crocheted it. My hands got tired after the work but I liked it very much.

These are petit gifts for my friends from high school.
They are very simple and easy to make. I enjoyed choose the leather and fabrics thinking of them (* v *)!!!
Petit gifts for my friends
Petit gifts for my friends