Feb 2, 2012

Enjoy sewing!

Happy New Year!
We are doing fine. Miyu is 1 year and 5 months now and likes playing outside if it's very cold. She still cannot stand up by herself but she likes stairs very much.

She tries them everyday and sometimes falls down... I love her back style (* v *)!!!!
Miyu likes stairs

Here are some fur items I made for her.
One is this bag. It has a cat face pocket because she likes cats very much.
Miyu's new bag
I made it with Miyu's friend's mother. She didn't sew at all before we met but now she likes sewing for her little. I'm happy to teach sewing to other mothers.
Miyu's new bag

I made some hair clips too. They're so easy to make. I just put my favorite buttons, ribbons and Sashiko stitches.
hair clips

I made my leg warmers too. They makes me very hot and comfortable.
My leg warmers

Today I got some fleece fabric and I'll teach other mothers the way of sewing them.
I begin small sewing classes for mothers (at no charge (* v *)!!) twice a month.
I hope more people enjoy sewing for themselves and their family.
In this cold season, hand craft is best. Isn't it?
Miyu eating strawberries