Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween Event
Hello everyone.
We're doing very busy and happy (* v *)!!!!
Halloween event

Miyu is 1 and 2 months old now and speaks a lot these days.
Her first word is "Papa" and now can say "Mama" at last.
She likes playing with Papa.

Her most favorite play is drawing. When I want her keep quiet, I always give her pens and paper. Or, give some baby snacks.

I want to open my ETSY shop again because I can have little time for me at last.
From her birth, I couldn't have my time and could do only matters for my family.
But I want to enjoy my life like before so I decided to open it again. It's very happy for me.

Japanese fabric
This time I got some Japanese fabrics and notions. They are all my favorite items.
Here are some pictures.
I think you could enjoy with them.
Flower printed cotton
ZIppers with heart charms

This is my bag with my hand carved stamp. I stamped it on a piece of leather.
I enjoy carving stamps with my friends these days. Next time I'll show you what I carved these days.
My bag

See you again soon!!!!