Feb 25, 2008

Vintage Kimono Fabrics

I bought some vintage kimono fabrics recently.
They are from used kimono, made of cotton, wool or polyester.
There are some marks or small holes. But they are all lovely.

At first, I made a ribbon with one of them, cotton tye dyed fabric.
I cut two rectangles and then sew four sides.

Then, made two ribbon shapes by sewing center of them and put hair elastic on the back.

At last, I wrapped the center with small piece of the fabric.

I made it without any patterns. But after finished it, I made up a pattern to make it again. Because I like it.
Now, I'm thinking about the cost to make it. I'll list it up to my shop.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love them
One day I hope to buy a Kimono.
What is the best fabric?
Do they have them in cotton.
I love cotton

Anonymous said...

wow.. thats nice