May 27, 2008

Sushi-go-round restaurant

Before I leave japan, I wanted to eat sushi. So I went to my favorite sushi-go round resutaurant near my house.

Many kinds of sushi plates are on the belt conveyors. When I want to eat something that is not on the belt, I can order directly to a chef. There are 3-4 chefs in the restaurant.

These are small sardines. They are really fresh!

Squid arms. These are crunchy and sweet.

Flavored boiled rice wrapped in fried bean curd. The outside is flavored with soy sauce and sugar. I like this a lot.

Rolled egg(This isn't sushi). Usually, they serve very good roolled eggs in sushi restaurants.

Grilled eels. In the summer, we eat these with normal rice. But I also like this on sushi rice.

Tuna. There are some grades of tuna in the sushi restaurant. We ate medium fatty tunas("Chutoro") today.

These sushi plates have different color depend on their prices.

When we finished eating, we asked a waitress to check our dishes. She counted them and make our bill. Then, we paid it.

Today, we ate about 13 dishes and paid about 3,000 yen(about 30 dollars).

It was really nice dinner!


Anonymous said...

I love the rice wrapped in fried bean curd too! I ate that for breakfast one morning this week. It's not our regular breakfast food but it was so good!
When are you leaving for your trip? You must be excited.

Anonymous said...

I definitely picked the wrong country to move to when it comes to the food... Norway is great in so many ways but their cuisine isn't on the top ten list of reasons why I like living here. I just love Japanese food, most specifically: sushi or sashimi. You have shots of all my favorites.

Please tell us (your blog fans): will you be blogging from the US? When will you return to Japan? Since I don't know when you will be leaving I want to be sure to wish you a wonderful trip!

mairuru said...

I leave here tomorrow morning!
It's now midnight in japan, but I cannot fall asleep... Too excited!

I like to eat it as breakfast!

mairuru said...

Thank you Emily.
I'm going to continue writing during my trip.
I'll return from U.S. in the end of August.

I don't know much about the food of Norway, but I love salmons!
I like japanese, italian, korean, and danish foods.

cutfingerproductions said...

Hi Mai! I love the different colored plates to show the different prices and the writing! So interesting to me! I am not so sure I would be able to eat all those foods.... I hope these aren't what your planning to make for us!!! :):)
just teasing you!!
See you soon!!!laura

Diana said...

Hello Mai, I blogged over here and discovered the wonderful directions you gave for making the furoshiki. Most of the sites give directions in Japanese, which babelfish does not translate very well! Can you tell me (when you have a chance) how you end your thread at the end of a row? Do you knot it and bury it in the seam?

I hope you are having a great time in Japan. I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. I'm not brave enough to try sushi yet!

Surya said...

How do you make that rolled egg? Looks so tasty.

mairuru said...

Rolled egg is very besic Japanese food.I cook it like this recipe.
But I put also some soy sauce.
My mother's includes much sugar and very sweet, and mine has little sugar and more soy sauce. Each family has each recipe. I love this Tamagoyaki very much!

Surya said...

I too love more soy sauce. I saw a video of rolled egg in . May be ill try with my own version but sticking to the basics.

Anonymous said...

My daughter told me about sushi. I haven't tried it. My son is a chef. One day I hope to try sushi
Mena said...

I totally agree with the article.