Aug 13, 2008

A bag for my mother and a pouch

Now, I'm staying my parents house for a week.
Almost every day, we meet my niece lives very near here. She is 9 months old now, and smile a lot.

And when we don't meet her, I sew something for her or my mother.
Yesterday, I made a bag for my mother. The fabrics I used for it are what my mother found in a small fabric shop. There fabrics are very narrow so I had to patchwork them.

And today, I made a pouch with other fabrics. I went the fabric shop and bought some fabrics. The green satin fabric is also narrow one, and it costs only 20 cents a meter! It matches with flower printed one very much.

I got some new fabrics now, so when I return to my apartment, I'll sew new items.
For more 3 days, I enjoy with my little niece. Oh,,, and two cats and a dog!


Surya said...
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Anonymous said...

It must be a very happy time to be with your mother. Your niece is adorable and will soon be 10 mths old. Your handiwork is very very nice.

carolaluciole said...

your niece is very nice.

NENA MATOS said...

Bella tua figlia...


Alex daina said...

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