Sep 1, 2008

My boom, Sashiko Hand Stitch

These days, I'm stitching with Sashiko cotton thread.
I put my favorite fabrics freely, and sew them together with Sashiko thread.
The works comes very rough taste. I like them very much.

So, to capitalize this taste, I made this bag. It seems not so strong, but it's really strong enough, because of the thick thread.

Japanese people use this thread for strengthen clothes, especially costumes for sports, like Kendo or Judo.

I want to make something new with this technique.

Oh, I love this Japanese girl's bag very much. She uses Sashiko thread and linen fabrics. The bags are really cute!
(Sorry, it's only in Japanese. Please click "shop" or "blog" to see her works.)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we name "rough taste" "primitive" in US. there are people who only collect such work.
Whenever I think of something made that has unfinished edges or no hems as "primitive"
I like that look also. Sashiko is not really "primitive", but your little bag you made could be called "primitive".

mairuru said...

Thank you Eydie! I didn't know how to express!
Sashiko is not primitive work. I like traditional one too. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous it becomes!!! I really appreciate the beauty of this type of sewing. It has an incredible appeal for some reason! I hope you will do more of this!

mairuru said...
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mairuru said...

Hi Emily,
Thank you so much! I myself like it very much.
I'll make some new ones! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is a Beautiful bag, such as the one from the japanese link.

mairuru said...

Hello Catherine,
Thank you for your comment!
I love this cotton thread very much.

Anonymous said...

By now you may discover that I LOVE bags. Thanks for sharing so much with us. I must try to make at least one. I have many bags, which I bought.

shop tienda erotica said...

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Anonymous said...
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