Jan 17, 2009

How to make a fabric box

This is an easy recipe to make a fabric box with two pieces of fabrics.

Cut two pieces of fabric like the picture.

Put them to face the inside out and sew along every edge, leaving a hole to turn it inside out.

Turn it inside out and close the hole.

Then, sew the edge.

The back side is like this.

Sew each two corners together. I stitched it with red Sashiko embroidery thread and also stitched the bottom line as decoration.

That's all. It's really easy to make this box.
I made it for my mother.

Recently I also sewed skirts for my little niece and my friend's little daughter.
These skirts are called "balloon skirt" in Japan.

These skirts are also really easy to sew. Those are made of only two rectangles of different size.


Anonymous said...

These skirts are so cute. I want to make lots of skirts for my daughter when spring comes!

mairuru said...

Hello newhouseproject,
Thank you for your comment.
Me too! I'd like to sew some skirts for my little niece for the spring!

Anonymous said...

Must try them, thanks for sharing, Mai. I love your ideas.

Tretha said...

Hi Mai,

I love the fabric box and bowl you made. nice way to use up some of my remaining fabrics. Thanks


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