Jan 5, 2009

My favorite restaurants

During the year-end and New Year holidays, I go back to my parents house every year. It's approx. 300 km far from my apartment in Yokohama.
I left my parents house when I graduated my university and started working.

Almost every time I go back there, I visit one of my favorite restaurants. It's not near my parents house but near my university. The restaurant is Japanese fly restaurant, and there is a famous menu, Pork tempura.
When I was a student, an old chef was cooking the tempura. He was more than 70 years old and some women of same age served. I loved his big hands always cooking carefully.

But several years ago, he retired and a new middle-aged chef continues the restaurant(The womens working there are always the same). The new chef cooks also very carefully and I like his hands too.
I cannot eat this dish in other restaurants. It's best fly in the world, I think.

I have three favorite restaurants. One is this, and the other is a Yakiniku restaurant in Yokohama. And the last one is seafood restaurant in Napoli, Italy.
I hope these three continues and I can visit these for long.


Donna said...

That looks very good! It looks like it says tonkatsu on the sign, tonkatsu is similar to tempura, isn't it?

So many times your posts make me think of Japanese shows I have watched and this one makes me think of ランチの女王

Jill said...

Hi Mai,
I love your blog!
Mine is jillskickinknittin.blogspot.com