Feb 22, 2009

My new bags

I made two new bags today.
The quilting fabric(cotton linen houndstooth check) is what I got in a grab bag.
On the one side, I appliqued a girl and on the other side, balloons what she has.

In this bag, she is blowing bubbles.

I have other idea of the series. She is talking with someone on the phone, she is running with her dog or She is playing with birds etc..

But the handles of this bag is hard to sew and I should have sewn four lines for one handle. My fingers have many holes now...


Xury said...

Hi Mai!

It's rare to find a Japanese make a blog in Eigo!

Anyway, the bag is very nice.

Surya said...

It's cute. I liked it.

mairuru said...

Hello Nazunazu,
Thank you for your comment.
I'm learning English for years, but it's still difficult for me...

mairuru said...

Hello Surya,
Thank you! I baked cookies with pan! It's easy and fast!

melissa said...

hi there,
i have just discovered your blog (through ravenhill- emily) and wanted to tell you how much i like it. everything you make is so beautiful and graceful. i especially love these little bags!
thank you for sharing.
melissa x


LIESL said...

Hi :)
I hope you don't mind, I love your bag so much and wanted one so desperately that I made one for myself. I hope its ok with you. I wont sell it or try to make money out of it, but I just wanted my own to carry in town! It is nowhere near as beautiful as yours. If you'd like a picture of it, feel free to send me an email! I'll gladly email a picture to you! I love your blog. It's so beautiful. Everything you make is absolutely indcredibly made. So delcate! and so feminine!

NENA MATOS said...

Amo tuo lavoro...i sto sempre a guardare.Mi รจ piaciuto.